What is your biggest problem with conservatives?

Hey. So if any liberals out there wanna tell me what they think is wrong with conservative ideas then I'd like to know. Because I see a lot of liberals hating on us and I don't see why. (Though if their looking at Trump to form ideas about what we believe I can't blame them though remember that the leader of a party may not always show all of the party's ideas. Seriously, I hate the man.) I'd like to know what specifically makes you hate conservatives.

My biggest problem is that conservatives tend to view issues from the standpoint of individuals making choices without caring about the context or circumstances where those choices are made. There are always a lot of facts to consider surrounding someone's choice.

Obviously society would be better if everyone made the right choice 100% of the time, but that's never how it goes, and there's no social problem that can be solved simply by saying "Everyone should have more personal responsibility."

Of course it's important people take responsibility for their mistakes, but how? I don't like how conservatives generally argue that there shouldn't be a strong social safety net to protect people when they make them.

^ Exactly. I think they tend to forget that people are only human, and can and WILL make mistakes. I also don't like that many of them think people have to live a certain way, or else it's weird or socially unacceptable. I feel like they aren't openminded to alternative lifestyles of the norm. It's also conservatives who battle against homosexual marriage, safe abortions, welfare, stem cell research, LGBTQ rights, etc.


Personally, I think we're all conservative and liberal to an extent. But, the right wing/conservative individuals I think often disregard issues such as public transport, free healthcare, business regulation, lgbt rights, support for unemployed etc. I feel like conservative politics requires everyone to be straight and wealthy, which is never possible.


Yup, that's how it sounds most of the time. And even with all the "I grew up in poverty, but pulled myself up by the bootstraps and became a successful business man", it's still bullshit, because with every 1 bootstrap story, there are thousands of ones where they grew up in poverty and they stayed in poverty because the system was against them.

My biggest problem with conservatives is their belief that values are fixed upon a certain time in our societal development. That traditional ways are best and that change is to be avoided.

Also, though I certainly consider myself on the left, even a socialist (not a bad word here in Canada like it is in the states), there are plenty of liberals who are as inflexible and intolerant of those with differing opinions, and I find those people every bit as bothersome and annoying.

I have several gripes, but the most significant is their obsession with religion. Conservatives can't seem to understand the basic rule of Jefferson that "the legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others." In other words, the government has no business restricting behavior that is victimless. Right-wingers don't get this; they think the role of government is to enact and enforce "Christian law," not much different, really, from Muslim theocracies. Their campaign against LGBT people is reprehensible.

And what kinda fucking idiot infers "truth" from ancient holy books, anyway?

I agree with Carrie95, it's ironic considering how they're again "big government"

I agree with most of the above. My biggest issue with conservatives is their lack of empathy. In the US, we have so many issues that could be resolved with legislation but conservatives refuse to vote for it. They are against helping poor people because they feel like it's a moral failure instead of an economic/systemic?one. They vote against equality for POC, LGBT, and women. They vote against gun control and bettering the USA infrastructure. Then, they use the bible to justify it all. As if the constitution doesn't explicitly?say that's not ok.


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