Thoughts on trans girls in female bathrooms?

Would you be accepting of trans girls sharing female public bathrooms??

I'm a trans girl and I'm scared of not being accepted in female bathrooms...

I'm 100% fine with transgirls using the girl's bathroom.?

I'm fine with anyone using any bathroom take your shit or piss wash your hands and move on with your day lol

I am fine with it but I?have identified as?trans too therefore?I guess am biased lol

Yeah it's totally fine with me!

Totally cool. Just be you.

Well if you're transgender male to female, you're a female. If you're transgender female to male, you're a male.

You're a female, so honestly you have EVERY right to be in the lady's room.

My ideas are you pee by your plumbing. If you have a penis, you use the men's room. If you have a urethra, you use the ladies' room. Even if you were born a male if you are now a female you should be welcome in that restroom. I feel perfectly comfortable with lesbians using the women's bathroom. I do not feel comfortable with gay men in the women's restroom but if you are biologically a woman you are fine in that bathroom.


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