Brock Turner

I'm sure a good portion of you have heard about Brock Turner at this point. Do you think he should've been handed a more harsh sentence?

I certainly think 6 months is too lenient.

Of course I think he should have handed a harsher sentence! Talk about priviliged....

Agreed! And what is wrong with Brock's dad? Why does he think his son is a victim? His son is not a victim!

Honestly Brock brought this whole sex offender thing on himself. It's like drunk driving and then wondering why you're getting punished.

I swear, if he wasn't a white American white male that is an athlete and goes to an ivy league school, he wouldn't be let off this lightly.

He certainly would not have been otherwise. His father sounds as sick as he does 😡

Oooh man, this entire thing has me so fucking disgusted.

Ok first off, the judge and his father think it's "too much for him" and that 6 motnhs is a long time for "20 minutes of action", because it's not like she's getting a lifetime of anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, and whatever else that lily-assed piece of trash has inflicted on her. And his father calls it "action" as though he was "gettin' some" or something. No, Daddy, your son wasn't getting laid, he isn't a stud, he assaulted someone and scarred them forever. You raised an entilted monster. Own up to your crappy child and make him deal with the consequences.

Second, when his father said that he "won't eat and is depressed all the time", yeah how do you think the girl is doing? Do you think she been all happy go lucky since the incident? And what pisses me off is that he's not eating and is depressed, not because he's sorry, but because he's afraid for his own hind end. He's probably afraid that inmates will do the same thing he did to the girl. And the fact that he blames "party culture" for it. While alcohol does make you stupid things, like want to run around a parking lot naked or lay on the bathroom floor puking and crying and telling your coworker all your personal issues and talk about how hot Tom Hardy is, it doesn't make you rape people. When it makes you abusive, that's probably because deep down you already are, or you want to be. And his friend's letter about how rape on college campuses "caused by alcohol and poor judgement" shouldn't count is absolute bull.

I wish they'd stop trying to protect him and own up to the fact that they raised their son to be entitled with no sense of consent.

And again, this is just another story that let's us know that the justice system doesn't give a damn about us, especially when your assailant is a white, male athelete. And they get more pity than the victim, because they "had such high goals and hobbies and interests and played sports", yeah, so did the victim. They throw that all away when they commit these crimes and it's their own fault.?

Sorry for the swearing, but this topic just makes me so mad.

I just saw where his sentence has been shortened to 3 months. Well isn't that just?dandy.


3 months?!?! And we call this "justice." People get improsined for life of marijuana, and he's getting 3 months? I did sign a petition to take that judge off the bench... and so did over 800,000 other people. I hope something is done about it because that's a lot of people!

This whole thing makes me so mad! Rape culture at its finest

WaterBaby Yes, and no.

His official sentence is 6mos, and he will be registered as a sex offender. It may be reduced down to 3mos for good behavior.

Also, anyone else notice he didn't get charged for rape? He got charged for "penetrating an unconsenting person with a foreign object" 😐😐😐

....a foreign object. How does a male dominated justice system not know what a penis is.

And he doesn't even feel any remorse. If I raped someone, I would personally feel guilty for the rest of my life. What kind of person do you have to be to only think of yourself after you just ruined someone's life?

Because a penis would surefire give him a latger sentence, that's why.

Maybe I should be a rich white guy in another life. They seem to do whatever they want and get away with anything and everything.

Shoutout to the Swedish guys who intervened and saw that what he's doing was, you know, rape. That word everyone hates.

If Turner didn't see the problem with it he wouldn't have ran, which tells me he knew exactly what he was doing was wrong.


^^^^ Yeeeeees.?

The Swedish guys are what gave me hope for the future

And if he was truly sorry, he wouldn't fight to get a shorter sentence.?

USA Swimming banned him for life. HA?GOOD

This whole case is just sickening. I say put him in GP and let the problem take care of itself

USA Swimming banned him? Good.

His whole entire sentencing was bull. He's almost like that affluenza teen but in a different context. Also, I wonder how he treats his mother or his sister (if he has one) and any other female relative or friend. Its a terrible society that we live in that accepts rape to the extent that we even have to call it a rape culture. It really is disgusting.

His parents are now calling for people to forgive his "minor indiscretion" and saying the real tragedy is he lost his beloved swimming career. She lost so much more! She lost her ability to be alone, her trust of anyone. And he's the victim

How the hell is raping a woman next to a dumpster "minor".

Just own up to the fact that you raised a shitty kid.


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