How Will You Raise Your Children?

This is a question specifically for people who do not yet have children! I'm curious to see how the standards and ideals of the past few years have affected women's childrearing opinions.

For the most part I will raise my children the same, male or female. I'll try my best to make sure they are compassionate, caring, kind-hearted, accepting, productive humans. However I don't care for the new trend of erasing gender in parenting. I won't put my sons in dresses at two or three years old just because they show interest in it. At that age they don't know any better and it's my job as a mother to gently steer his interest away from it. As he gets older if he continuned to show signs of being transgender then I'd accept it but I'll try to raise gentlemen and ladies. I also won't be going with the "girls should wear what they want at whatever age" thing either. Reasonable shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. I'd teach them both how to cook and clean and maintain a home, and if my son wants to join ballet I'd react the same as if my daughter wanted to play football: "Cool."

I've also already decided I'm homeschooling my children without a doubt. There's way too much influence from schools and they aren't being taught what they should or how they should. From a young age I'm gonna be teaching my kids, as my mother did me. Knowing how to write my name, the alphabet, count to 100, etc by the time they're 5.

I'm sure the internet will still be a big thing when I have kids and I'm not letting them get at it until they're 12+, at least. I'm gonna ensure they have a decent childhood outside instead of sitting in front of a screen. And once I do allow them to be online it'll be heavily monitored. And there's no way in hell they're having a cell phone or playing on mine until they're around the same age as I let them on the internet. There's really nothing good to come out of that, especially a nine year old having unlimited access on those devices. There's waaaaay too much leniency with kids way too young. I see it on sites all the time, posting their phone numbers, locations, addresses, even nudes and not knowing any better. The internet still is dangerous and I think with all the fun people have with it that fact is starting to be forgotten.

How about you? Do you agree with me or do you have your own method set?


I guess now, you could reply if you want to, I just didn't want responses from women who already have kids 8+ years old. :)

Well I plan to let them think for themeselves. I'll expose them to different political and religious views, and I'll let them make up their mind as opposed to telling them how to feel. They will be going to a public school. I will be willing to buy a certain amount of clothes for them, but for the rest of them, they can wear whatever they want as long as they pay for it. I will give them hard earned allowance. I will encourage them to volunteer. I'll also encourage curiosity, and when they ask, "Why?" I'll tell them why instead of just saying, "Because I said so." This way they can understand why I want them to clean their rooms. This way they can understand why homework has to be done before they play. All that kind of stuff. I'll glorify being healthy, so eating healthily, exercising, getting enough sleep, and keeping hydrated. I will tell them from a young age, "Isn't it cool that your legs allow you to walk?" and stuff life that. I will be authoritative, so I'll give them boundaries and expectations, but also show them warmth. Usually I'll show them compassion, but I won't hesitate to give them a little bit of tough love when they need it.

? ?I'd probably be really strict with the younger kids, and permissive and a "cool mom" towards the older kids (like around 10+)

I'd also be all about education for all my kids.... I wouldn't make them stay with me when they are well past their 20's (one thing that my parents want to do with me) I'd teach them all there is to know about being an adult starting at about 4-5. I'd allow them to watch whatever they want (as long as it isn't overly slutty, overly violent, and has a bunch of "F" words in it... Like an R-rated movie for example.) Though, I'd allow the older kids to watch an R-Rated movie once and a while, if they are really mature.

I agree with you on a lot of stuff cookierabbit. But idk if I would homeschool or be quite as strict. I do think a 5yo or younger kid "trying out" the opposite gender roles does not mean they are trans I think people are getting a little carried away with that stuff. I agree if it is persistent for a long time that is OK I would be accepting, but if I caught my son putting on my lipstick I would not instantly say "you are trans!!"

Trust and privacy. I will not be such a strict mom I feel like that ruins relationships in some ways. I will teach them right from wrong but let them learn from their mistakes. I don't want them to be shy of afraid to tell me something personal or when they have a problem. I will teach both my daughter and son to cook clean sow and do basic house chores and more There will be no technology for them at a young age I am not going to give them my phone justo to calm them down they will also not be consuming candy or much junk food like I was exposed to. I will secretly tell them McDonald is a slaughterhouse ?I will teach them responsibility possibly by getting a pet. I will teach them the basic things they need to know before they go to public school even though yes i feel like it will ruin my kid if he hangs out with bad crowds I feel like homeschooling ruins a child's social life. I will encourage jobs at 16 so they can learn responsibility. ?I'd be a cool mom but not to laid back we're I have them comfortably cussing at me or around me but laid back to were I let them go out and know about their lives. I will not give my child a phone to early like many parents. I see kids at age 8 with phones! I will most likely to 13 or 14. I will let my kids express theirselvs like getting tattoos but without going over bored. ?I will not teach religion to my kids I will let them choose when they are old enough. I don't want my mother forcing religion on them like they did to me or anything. Sorry I used allot of I's but I've never told anyone how I wanna raise my kids my mom would freak if I told her no religion and no baptism but yes trust is key I was learned to gain trust at a young age and now my dad lets me go out as much as I want because I never make him loose trust. They should have a fun childhood without it being to strict or to laid back?


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