Feminism Gone Too Far?

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I'm not saying we all need to be mousy housewives, but there's nothing wrong with maintaing modesty and poise. There's nothing wrong with being a housewife if you enjoy it. I hate the way some people - especially on tumblr - are makings ure young girls get the impression that no matter what they wear or how they act they're entitled to respect and that's simply not the case. Respect is earned and honestly you're not going to earn it if you're obnoxious and rude just in the name of "I'm a woman and I've been opressed too long."?


I feel like you've got the wrong idea about feminism. people should be entitled the same amount of respect, yes including based on how they treat people, but not simply based on gender.

Yeah, you don't seem to grasp the concept of feminism. Feminism is about giving girls a choice. We don't have to dress modestly if we don't want to. We don't have to put a jacket on over tank tops in the summer heat just so we don't distract the boys. If you're treating someone poorly because they aren't dressed modestly, you're the problem. Just because I like to wear short skirts and short dresses doesn't mean I don't deserve respect. Unless proven otherwise, you should treat people with respect as a default. If they prove to be an asshole, you don't have to. Feminism let's girls know that it's not our fault when we're raped, that we don't have to shave if we don't want to, that we don't have to cater towards men's egos when it makes us uncomfortable, that you aren't selfish for choosing to keep your career and that you're not dominated if you choose to be a housewife, etc etc.?

It gives you the choice to dress inappropriately and not tkae care of yourself? Yeah, cool....

Then why do girls still get cat calls and harassed when wearing jeans and a blouse? Even in a coat and boots? The clothes clearly aren't the problem. Sounds like no matter what girls wear they're still going to be treated as objects.

Yeah, it does. Because it's none of yours, or anybody else's business to judge. You're not living their life, they are. If they're having a shit day and don't want to do their makeup, or just don't like to wear it at all, and they don't feel like shaving because they're tired or don't see a problem in some?natural body hair, then that's their business. I wear a ton of makeup because I want to and no, I'm not too pleased with the way I look without it, but I have the choice not to and whoeer would judge me for it, well, that's their problem.The more you worry about pleasing other people, the worse you feel. I feel like it gives you the liberty to say "who cares what they think about me. I'm beautiful in my own way, and if they can't see it, then who cares."

And yes, women and our bodies?have?been oppressed for way too long. You can see that just by going over your school's dress code. Schools are more willing to take girls out of class until someone can bring them a pair of jeans or a jacket so they don't "distract the boys" and interrupt their education. I had to sit for 30+ minutes in ISS one day because my skirt was half an inch too short. We were half way through class when I finally got back and I had no freaking clue what we were doing.?

I have struggled with eating disorders for at least 6 years and I'm finally at a place where I feel comfortable in my body enough that I want to wear short skirt and shorts and feel proud of my body because that makes me feel good to finally be in a place like that. And if you want to dress modestly that's perfectly fine. More power to you.?But?do not?shame girls for feeling empowered by showing off and feeling proud of their bodies.



The dress code is there for a reason. There's gonna be rules you don't like everywhere you go in life and they should just be followed if they're not hurting anything. Would it kill you to wear a skirt that was apporproate within the guidelines?

And I'm sorry about your eating disorder, truly, but ^

A skirt that was half an inch too short? That actually was appropriate length, it just came up a little bit when I walked and the principle didn't even care to actually measure it.

Of all the things that OMGItsRira and I said, that's the only thing you're taking from this?

I've been out of high school for 2 years now and after being in college and seeing girls getting to wear everything they weren't allowed to in high school, boys still seem to learn! They still seem to not get distracted by a shoulder or a bra strap! Shocking isn't it?

Also, "sorry about your eating disorder, truly, but^" isn't exactly cool. Thanks.

I've seen girls whose follow the guidelines and they still get sent home. Though feminism isn't just about dress codes; there's certainly more to it.

Feminism: the belief in the social, political, and economical equality of the sexes.

It doesn't even matter about guidelines or boys getting distracted it's the fact that it's just inappropriate for any setting besides the club. I don't mean what you were wearing specifically but in general. Also, sorry if it wasn't "cool" I judt didn't want to make it seem like I was dismissing it.

And OmgItsRira, cat calls are one thing. You said yourself that no matter what is worn people are gonna get catcalled. I'm not saying modesty is to prevent it just morally correct.


Not everyone shares the same morals and what is deemed "inappropriate" is different for everyone. So what you think is inappropriate and what someone else thinks is inappropriate could be completely different. If you're treating someone disrespectfully based on what they're wearing, you're the one with the problem.?

So showing a little shoulder, wearing a skirt that isn't past your fingertips EVEN WITH leggings, if your bra strap is showing, if you're big breasted and can't help if your cleavage pops out a bit, or wearing leggings as pants ?is only acceptable in a club? Not even on a hot day, at the beach, at a mall, or anywhere else?

That tidbit about my history of eating disorders was to show you that the way a girl dresses can be on a personal level. So you could be judging a girl who has hated her body for her whole life and is finally comfortable enough in it to wear a crop top or short skirt or dress and feel proud of the body she's in.?

OMGItsRira is right, there is so much more to feminism than the way a girl dresses.?

It's not that difficult to cover up, and there should be some standard as to what is and isn't appropriate among all women. There really isn't anymore and that's feminism's fault. It's doing more bad than good at this point.?

Feeling good in your body is one thing but ^


And you're the one who gets to decide that? LOL

Females are people and can wear what they want as long as they don't go running around naked in public. Get over over it.

And if women have to have rules like that, so do men.

I have just as much of a say as either of you. I'm a woman as well.

Just like anyone else, you're entitled to your opinion, but you don't have a say on how anyone should live their lives.

But you have a say? You say that people should be able to do this or that

People should be able to do whatever they want as long as they're not hurting anyone or themselves in any way. You think they shouldn't?

We're not the ones telling people how they should dress. If you cared to read my previous comments, you'd see that I even said that if you want to dress modestly that's fine, just don't treat people poorly because they don't want to dress the same way as you.?

Yes, I think they shouldn't. There's a right and a wrong way to carry yourself and dress and the way you guys seem to think it works is backwards. There's no such thing as a lady anymore, people treat it like it's bad, and everyone's wearing booty shorts and things that show cleavage. Enough is enough, there's young girls on this site that read this sh*t and are gonna get the impression they have the right to dress inappropriately "because feminism"

And I did read your previous comments ?

Femism is about more than just dress codes. Females are entitled to wear what they want as long as it's within dress code (for example at volunteer, school, or work). Outside of those, or if they're in college and without a dress code, they're welcome to wear what they please, whether it's booty shorts and a crop top, or a dress that goes past the elbows and knees. They're entitled to wear whatever they would like. If what someone wears bothers you so much, maybe you should see a therapist and learn to cope.

I should see a therpaist????? Pfft, okay. It's you guys who don't seem to have any morals or personal boundaries or standards at all?

It doesn't bother me all that much, I just think it's how it should be. There's really no point to wear things much aboive the knee or show cleavage unless you're either trying to get attention or show off, both of which are senseless.?

You clearly have a lot of anger issues. I also see you have depression and anxiety. A therapist would be beneficial for you, even if just for your depression and anxiety. But you'll have to be mature because your therapist will say things you don't want to hear, and you'll have to take them like an adult as opposed to a child.

I do have anxiety and depression but my opinions have nothing to do with it. I wasn't angry until everyone got argumentative.

Feminism: the belief in the social, political, and economical equality of the sexes.

So you say

That's the official definition for it.

Are there extremists? There are extremists for everything, which you may have fooled the extremists for actual feminists.

If I see a girl rocking a halter dress, a business suit, or just a t-shirt and overalls I would applaud all three of them. They made that outfit, and they're wearing what feels comfortable and what makes them feel good. I'm not the one buying their clothes.

I don't want a girl to think her character and her self-worth is based on how many people she slept with. I don't want her to be labeled a slut meanwhile a male counterpart gets the label "player, stud, etc." for sleeping with more girls, and emotionally abusing them in the process.

I want a girl to feel that it's okay to abstain for the right person, and for the right reasons. That doesn't make her a goody-two shoes, or boring, or stuck up, or any of that. That doesn't make a guy boring or lame if he wants to wait for the right person for the right reasons as well.

I want the luxury tax gone on feminine hygeine products. That's as important as toilet paper, not a luxury. What's luxury is bras, considering how much we have to kick out over a well-fit bra, which somehow turned "socially necessary."

I want a girl to be able to say no to a guy and not get hurt, or get blamed when the guy gets violent over it. I don't want her to hear "If you would have just said yes and this wouldn't have happened. He really like you, you know."

I just want women and men to get paid the same wage for the same job and hours. Black women get paid even less.

I just want women not to be objectified, or to not think they're nothing more than a toy to their significant other.

I want women to have a voice, and not be heard last.

And I want EVERYONE to have a choice. People can agree to disagree, but who's to say that one way is the ultimate right way?

Maybe I'm stepping into something I shouldn't but cookierabbit632, you're being unnecessarily rude and seem to be a little sexist against your own gender. I personally don't like short shorts and stuff but I'm not going to condemn someone who does.?

I'm not an avid feminist either but OmgItsRira is right. There's extremists and then there's people who just fight to have rights.?

It also seems like you're jumping to the worst conclusion on everything. Not everything is so cut and dry, black and white. There's a lot of different people in the world.

What do you know, TheOnlyBatgirl? This argument is old.?

And you're definitely not the only batgirl. Every other female fan of Batman has made themselves batgirl.

I'd like to say that I as a teenage girl have never felt like a man or boy has ever given me anything less than respect for my gender. (I'm fairly obnoxious and nake people mad often so I catch crap about being a bitch but thagcs fair.) However I wear pants or leggings under a skirt/dess almost every day and never wear shorts shorter than mid-thigh (due to personal preference b not religion). Then I go to school and see guys catcalling and slapping the butts of girls wearing skin tight clothes of shorts so short they should be underwear. Every woman deserves respect no matter what they wear or how they choose to live their lives. However, as cookierabbit632 said "respect is earned." People don't respect me because I'm often a bitch. If I wasn't a bitch they'd respect me more. I don't think it should be any different with the way girls dress.

I'm sorry but I highly disagree. Just becauseI like short shorts or lowcut tops doesn't make me any less deserving of respect. If I'm treating others respectfully as a default, then there's no reason why I shouldn't be given the same respect based on the clothes that I thought looked good on my body.

I think feminism is flawed - just as all movements are, but it is making successful steps forward in improving the lives of girls and women.

You don't have to identify as a feminist.?

As Bunnyprincess said, I don't believe feminism is perfect. I feel like some people like to get worked up over petty issuess as opposed to working towards one's that matter more for example, lets say a female celebrity made a bold fashion choice for a red carpet event and someone comments on a picture of it and says "I like so and so but, her outfit here doesn't really flatter her, imo her stylist should have done a better job ." and nowadays I'll see it all the time where a comment like this can spark a debate where someone will reply " Who are you to be judging what she wears? or to decide what she can or can not wear?" but, something this little didn't need a debate because, fashion and style are subjective so not everyone's going to say they think someone a celeb wore something well and that's okay because everyone has their fashion mistakes or a time you can look back and say "Oh this was not cute".

And also, I'd like to add that feminism isn't something that always benefits you. For example, this is something that happened the other day. There was a girl I know that made a gofundme for a boob job and shared it on FB and asked everyone if they could chip in to help her get it done. Now, this girl has the right to do whatever she wants with her body but, the reason I was mad was because, gofundme is basically where lots of people go to raise money for things like a fundraiser for a charity, helping out a neighbor who's lost their house, etc and I felt like it was unnecessary to donate her because, it's a cosmetic surgery which insurance rarely covers bc it's rarely a necessity. After hearing this, my friend who holds feministic views, starts yelling at me and saying "Boobs aren't sexual organs. Society sexualizes them, they're made for feeding kids." and after explaining that I had no issue with that and stating my point above, she replies " Well not everyone has the money" but my point was that she was asking money for something she didn't need per say but wanted and $5000 she was asking for can go to someone else who needs it.


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