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Hey girls, what are your views on Donald Trump? People are very divided, and I'm interested to see what people think. Personally, I think he's a racist, sexist, bigoted idiot, but I don't know how may people share my views and I may be swayed by arguements. No hate towards anyone else please, this is designed to be a friendly, lively debate. Thanks very much!

He's garbage. Complete and utter garbage.

Someone compared Trump's and Hitler's quotes. They were quite similar.

in my opinion...donald trump is a stupid fucktard and is blinded by the shit that is covering his eyes!

I don't like him he is more of salesman than anything else don't think he should be in politics at all mostly in the running for whats considered the most powerful postion in the world haha. I can't take him seriously he never answers a question can't listen to his debate because he just talks in circles without actually saying anything (not making that up trying to understand it makes my head hurt). I'm not sure how racist and sexist etc that he actually is all I know is he says stupid shit and stirs up those emotions in Americans who are actually racist and sexist and what not which is the scary part mostly since a lot of people support him. He isnt really even a good businessman he was born into wealth, has multiple bankruptcys and failed businesses, most of the buildings with his name on them he doesn't even own, a lot of the products with his name on them weren't even made in America. The polls show both Hillary and Bernie (Bernie by a larger percentage) would be able to beat Donald so I'm not super worried about. Hillary isn't that great either but I think it would help simmer the bigot flame that Donald has ignited.

video that breaks down one of Donald Trumps "answers" it's interesting

Completely unfit to be President and makes me scared as to what my adult life will look like if there actually millions of people who can't see that.

I liked him on The Apprentice...............................................................................................................................................

It's terrifying that he's this close to being our president though. I'm not even that big of a Hillary fan, but I'll definitely be voting for her this November just to do my part against Trump

He might be good at some things but I don't think he would be a good president. But I don't like Hillary either I may just not vote. How are these the two possibilities?? Millions of people and these two get picked?!

At this point, I don't know who's worse. They're both awful, but the only thing that would make me vote for Hillary is the chance that Bernie may become VP. At least that's what I thought I've heard, I don't know if that's true or not for sure, so don't take my word for it.

Since we're all girls, I sincerely hope you all hate him and realize how sexist and racist he is.


Wait Bernie could be VP? That would be the perfect choice Hilary's part.

Since this is not my country, I can't vote, but Trump would be a catastrophy. I hope it won't come that way. Hillary Clinton doesn't seem that good, too, but her one big advantage is, she is not Trump.

Not only for the USA, but also for the rest of the world, I hope he doesn't get elected. So many crazy people in the world...

He's potentially as bad as any facist leader. But I'm yet to be convinced Hillary Clinton is any better - from an Australian perspective her actions in the Middle East, such as armed "intervention" (aka invasion) makes her just as much a threat to world peace.

In my view neither deserve the presidency.?

Yeah, either way, the US is screwed.

Trump represents everything that is wrong with the US politically and a lot that is wrong with it socially. I actually wouldn't care (other than for those who don't support him) except if he does become prez, it will make things rough for my country. Nobody wants a crazy neighbour. :)

Although I'm still not completely convinced he's for real.

If an article I read was true, he wasn't even supposed to make it this far.

@WaterBaby you might find this interesting.

I saw something about how he was self-sabatoging, and I honestly wouldn't doubt it if at least the whole "he wasn't supposed to get this far" theory is true. Like I could totally see him being a pawn to get votes for another candidate after he shows us the crazy side of America, but what they didn't know was that he was going to actually have this many people support him and when he saw how far he could get, he let his ego get in the way.?

There's also the theory that he's a democratic sleeper agent.?

"Trump has also been generous with the Clinton Foundation, donating at least $100,000, according to the non-profit.?In another sign of their closeness, Clinton attended Trump?s?2005 wedding?to current wife Melania Knauss at Trump?s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida."

Makes me wonder if there's much difference between the two candidates. (Clinton was once a republican and Trump a democrat...)


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