Ignoring race

Alright so I know this is a hot button topic but, I would like to ask that repsonses be respectful.

So, race-relations is a pretty heavy and emotional topic in the U.S. right now. And it seems as though, there's no middle ground there's people on the side who say " By bringing up and even talking about race, you're keeping racism alive." or " We're all one. I don't see color. We need to just focus on being one." or people who will say " Saying you don't see color is not helping. We need to accept the differences and open the discussion."

In my opinion, I used to be the type of person who just though " No race but the human race" but, I'm kind of starting to see that ignoring race just doesn't help at all because it leaves underlying tension and I think talking about race in an open and healthy way, would make things better. I've never been the type of person who felt like she was a social or political activist of any sort but, when I see things like "boycott the Oscars" or the racist comments left on MAC's instagram about a Black model's lips I just can't ignore it because I think race should be talked about in a healthy way. I'm not trying to blanket state the Oscars or the MAC instagram comments by the way because those are things that could be talked about in depth.

Where do you stand on this? and again since this is a hot button topic please be kind to each other in the comments.

I think when people say "I don't see color", they're ignoring the issues that PoCs face daily. It's easy for a white person to say it because we see our color everywhere all the time. Whenever there's an all black cast for something, white people cause an uproar about how it's "reverse racism". So it's like..now you see color??

When we ignore race issues and just "don't talk about it", we ignore the fact that a PoC is more likely to be turned down a job over a white person with an identical application, just with a "white" name on it. Or how it's a policy to have diversity and not just a normal thing. Or how Latina women are paid even less than black women, who are paid even less than white women. Or how Hollywood severely lacks in PoC representation, because, especially for children, it's important for them to see representation of people who look like them, so that they feel like they are accepted and beautiful and not what society would want to call ugly. Or how it was a big deal to have a president who wasn't another white man. Or how black children are taken out of school for sporting their natural hair. Or how in the military, many ways for black women to style their hair were banned when those styles were specifically made to keep their type of hair neatly put up.?

White people want to say "My Irish ancestors were slaves, too" and that's true, however, Irish slaves were compared to black people as though blacks were the lowest of the low and Irish slaves were still better than them because at least they had white skin.

I know a lot of (white) people who say "I don't see color!" have good intention, but by doing that, they're ignoring their white privileges.

As a woman of color I immensely support WaterBaby's statement. It's SO easy to ignore the issue when you're not the one who has to deal with it from the day you were born.

For the record I HATE it when people use white/Irish slaves as an excuse of "they were treated even worse than black slaves, so get the fuck over it!"

Uh, no. Because when slaves were emancipated in America, segregation was put in place "you were a slave? Well you're white, so now you can live the good life!"

I also can't help but giggle at the concept of "reverse racism."

Another thing, somehow it's socially acceptable for white people to riot when their favorite sports team loses, but when an entire race is tired of seeing their people murdered in the streets and begin to riot, they get called animals and savages. But?when they try to get their message across civilly, it's rarely covered by any news station Like of course rioting isn't a?good?thing, but how can you blame them for being so angry? Mothers have lost their children and you expect them to be silent and not want justice for their child??

OH. MY. GOD. Someone finally said it.

It's easy for a white person to get offended from having racial jokes or insults thrown at them by PoC, because?we're not used to it.?PoC deal with that bullshit all the time and they're expected to just take it. I remember just a couple of weeks ago I saw a tumblr post that said something about white girls having dead, lice infested hair, and for a second, yeah, I wasn't pleased with it. But you have to learn to step back for a second and think "why would they want to say that?" and you have to remember, like I stated in my first post, that black children get taken out of school for wearing cornrows or other unique ways black people wear their hair. And that specific hairstyles that keep African hair easily put up were (they might still be, I can't remember if they are or were recently allowed) banned from the military. And that 9 times out of 10 if you see a black person walk in with dreads, someone's going to say something bad about it. And they deal with this on a daily basis, and how many times do white people hear it? Not often, that's for sure. And while, no, white people shouldn't be ashamed?for being white, it's still our job to wake the fuck up and acknowledge our priviledges and change that.


Waterbaby if it doesn't show up, I was trying to reply to your post. I agree with what you said and I think caucasian/straigher hair textures are cool in fact when I was younger I used to wish my hair was like that because it seems easier to care for but, now I've learned to embrace my hair texture even though I'm not as confident with it as I'd like to be.?

Just curious though what do you both think about the whole Oscar's diversity issue or diversity and representation in the media in general?. In my opinion, I think diversity is important and I can see why it's a problem in Hollywood. I've read articles of statements that big name producers have made where some have said that because the majority of America is White, they don't want to see minorities in big roles and I get that as producers they have to do whatever it takes to make sure whatever they produce is successful but saying that "Oh this won't do well because nobody wants to see Black,Asian,etc. on tv so it won't do well." ?I mean it's pretty sad to me because that's the mentality that I've ?gotten from reading about?these huge produecers and ?I also think it's just completely disgusting when producers,makeup brands,etc.?try to be more diverse and then people get outraged like when Mac posted a pic of a Black model wearing dark lipstick one girl commented "holy ni**er lips Batman" or when people were outraged at idea of having a Black Spider Man.?

I haven't checked on this thread in a bit so thanks for commenting.?

I say with the whole Oscars controversy, it had to start somewhere, and the Academy Awards is not where it should start; it should start with the industry. If there were more black actors/actresses with major roles in movies then sure, there MAY be more black actors/actresses nominated for Oscars. What's a bit disheartening to see is that, with the black actors they choose, the majority of them are either light-skinned, or of mixed race, when there is a huge population of black people that don't look like what they put out in the media. As far as Asians go, it seems the only roles they can take on are funny roles. Not that it's a bad thing, but you kind of have to step back a bit when the jokes are predominantly poking fun of their race/culture/etc. and those are the ONLY casting roles you see them in.

You're right I still get happy if there's one black person but in some people's eyes lighter is better. Yeah its bad for Black actors but even harder for other minorities which is sad.

This is also something I left out, but when they DO decide to have an ethnic role in their cast, that role turns into the "token" minority role.


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