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I'm curious to find out what you girls think about war. Under what circumstances is it justified, if ever? What makes you feel that way?

There is nothing pretty about a war. It depends on the war and why the war started in the first place.?
I know without wars in the past evil dictators would not have been brought down, but then again even when an evil dictator is brought down, sometimes the after affects are far worse than the war, so then you could have a bigger war.?
War is messy and war is violent.
But every war has its heroes
For example, I proud of one pilot -?

I think war is horrible to people, while only serving the benefit of businesses and governments in the pursuit of power, and wealth.

I agree with Bunnyprincess. There is nothing noble or heroic about war. It only serve the interests of the powerful and creates profits for the rich.

One question; in wars where conscription (Americans call it a draft) takes place, should females also be conscripted/drafted, or just males?

I think that females should be conscripted just like males, which happens in Norway and Israel, but I hate the idea of being conscripted myself...

In the time of war, actually many women had a strong effect on WWI and WWII, essential military roles

1) War is never good. If you could persuade everyone on both sides, you would talk them out of war, not into war. Sometimes it might be necessary though. For example I think the United States had to fight in World War 2, we were attacked. It was justified on the U.S. side (at least the need for war maybe not every action taken) but only as a necessary evil.

2) I don't think anybody should be drafted, if there is a lot of support for a war you won't need to draft, and if there isn't much support you shouldn't go to war! For example Vietnam, we went to war despite the public not caring enough to die for it so we had to draft people. If people won't volunteer isn't that sort of voting not to go to war?

3) I think if I were alive during WW2 I would have been willing to help somehow like in a factory, or driving a truck or helping in a hospital but NO WAY IN HELL will I ever fight in a war other than like, defending my home in a worst case scenario. If I got drafted to fight I wouldn't go. To be clear, if they draft me to be a medic or drive a truck that is fair I am talking about being drafted for combat. If they threatened to put me in jail for not going, I would rather go to jail. Drafting anybody is wrong imo like I said above, but drafting girls for combat is super dumb. Yeah sure I will march around with a pack that weighs as much as me and do battle with dudes, I totally won't get killed or raped (including raped by fellow American soldiers) or need to get carried around by fellow soldiers. I am sure I will strike fear into the enemy's hearts. It is honestly so ridiculous to imagine I wonder if people are thinking it through.


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