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First off I'm not really into any politics but when it comes down to it I am definately a left-winger. What about you gurls?
You don't really have to go that in to depth I'm really not even looking a for a debate as I don't know that much about politics but I'm just curious as to where everyone stands. All my close family (parents, siblings, etc) are all more of left-wingers as well. Most likely because we came from an urban area. Though now we live in a rural area and everyone here is right-wingers and it kind of sucks haha. If you don't know anything about left-right politics I found this infographic that I think sums it up nicely: (right click and open image in a new tab for full size or I put the link to the picture below it)

Obviously it's not that black and white. For instance on your "Right" / Republican side it says "Don't interfere with society / social lives" but that's basically all the Republic party does these days. Every bill they put forward is basically about sex/sexuality. Gay issues, abortion, sex ed, birth control. That's 99.999% of the focus of the Republican party. And the Democratic party isn't necessarily about the "little people" either. Democrats have slashed their share of aid/support programs. And again, the Republicans have jacked up taxes all the time. 

I think partisan politics is like a conglomerate pitting two companies it owns against each other just to build hype. They do it all the time. The same company that owns "Best Buy" also owns former-Canadian electronics superstore "Future Shop" and it constantly puts a BB and a FS right across the street from each other and puts out commercials competing with their own company to drive up loyalty to one store. Rappers do it too. You think all this 'beef' is real? They're laughing all the way to the bank at people who froth about 50 Cent vs Ja Rule or Nicki Minaj vs whoever. All it does is build hype and bring in more money for everyone. 

I view it as the same thing with partisan politics. The US government in it's essence (all the laws and policies already on the books) basically 'owns' all the parties and players (people). It almost doesn't matter who comes in because 99.99% of the laws/policies/procedures are already written and must be followed regardless of whether it was Democrat, Republican or even a Communist who gets elected. They're basically just a frontman for the company (US Government) and the amount they can do is very very limited. It really doesn't matter who you vote for, sadly. And the sooner people start to accept that the sooner we might move on to a more effective form of government. 

I agree with what you're saying especially when it comes to politicians. As you said all they really care about is money and will easily change their own vote if someone pays for them to do so. Though I think citizens themselves are more left wing or right wing. Sure it isn't all black and white and people can still have different opinions on the different aspects. So that is more of what I am asking as a person where do you stand with your beliefs etc? That's like I had a laugh because in our local little town newspaper there was a letter to the editor about anti-abortion and I was like what is the point of that when 99.99% of the people who read that paper are right wingers and hold the same belief.

I think I definitely straddle the fence and I prefer to look at it issue by issue because on some things I'm left and some I'm right. 

I'm Pro Choice, Pro Gay Rights, Feminist, Pro Social Aid programs which all is very left-ist. At the same time I'm pretty much against 99% of immigration and multiculturalism (which I view asa failed social experiment on the people by the government) which is obviously pretty far right. I think this is far more like most people who really aren't 100% either side. 

I have to say I take issue with your infographic. It seems to be confusing the left-right axis in terms of economic policy (capitalism versus socialism) with libertarian and authoritarian social policy and essentially merging multiple distinct brands of political thought on both the left and the right in a somewhat biased way. For example, neoliberalism and fascism are both regarded as 'right-wing' but are essentially ideologically incompatible. Being socially conservative isn't a requirement for supporting a free-market economy, any more that being socially liberal is a requirement for supporting wealth redistribution. 

Economically I'm a centrist, and socially, I'm liberal. I support something similar to the Nordic model, with a mixed economy and a focus on protecting human rights and promoting individual freedom.   

I never voted for anybody before since I'm 16 but I will say that I am a democrate for sure. I believe that woman should get birthcontrol threw health care, under certain conditions abortion should be legal, people have the right to explore their sexual curiosity, and the right to bear arms.

I probably shouldn't have even started this topic haha not well enough into politics to debate any of this. I know it isn't all black and white I thought it was just going to be simpler than this. Like it is easy for me to say I am generally left even with the little that I know thought it would be easier for others.

I'm definitely right wing. But politics is much more extreme in the us. I live in the uk where all the parties and grouped more toward the centre if they were compared to American parties. I'm a conservative but they're nowhere near as extreme as the republicans. 

I'm very liberal. I don't necessarily identify with any specific party, but I have an extreme left lean. Then again, I'm a democratic socialist, so that's kind of a necessity. 

I'm pretty moderate. I'm liberal on some issues and conservative on others.

What about up or down politics :-O?

Alright. So I haven't been on this site for a while so I might be wrong. But in this whole political/ politics page there doesn't seem to be a single mention of the government shutdown. As much as voting for other things like abortion, gay rights, and birth control are very debatable subjects. Right now the government of the United States of America is SHUT DOWN. Senate and Congress cannot vote about anything until they decide what to do about the current debt crisis. I believe in expressing your views and it is good that people young and old take an interest in politics. However, I find it amusing that people are not expressing more outrage and yet want to argue their points of interest in government but do not seem to be concerned that there is no government running. Plenty of teenagers who are on this site probably have relatives or direct family members who are involved in the military/ government and will be recieving a very low pay check this month.
Also, I find it interesting that the Democrats, Republicans and the President want to raise the "debt ceiling." If a corporation or person is in debt, the logical thing would be to find ways to lower that debt. Instead, the government wants to raise the debt limit so they can pay workers. As my paragraph above states I am conscious of the people who have been furloughed and are not recieving a full pay grade. Even if the government raises the debt ceiling. How are they going to get this country out of debt. Are Congress and the President going to simply ignore this fact till the elephant in the room appears at a later date? Our whole economic system is going to be worth squat if our money is no good. We will not be an independent nation if other countries are paying money so our goverment can run. And what of the large corporations that have money invested in the government, will they not get anything from the government in return if it goes south and can't even buy a paperclip with American money?

I love this country, I love enjoying the rights that members of my family from other countries did not get to enjoy till they came here. In history class, we are studying the Founding Fathers and the various important documents they wrote, like; The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. What they did is amazing and makes me proud to be an American. Would the Founding Fathers be proud of the future generations of this country? A country that is now is trillions of dollars of debt, where neither party can agree with each other and holds a stale mate when a compromise cannot be made? I do not hold the same steadfast belief and trust in the modern government, maybe that is because I know how the Founding Fathers composed themselves in times of crisis. I do not look at the modern government with awe and admiration, I do not trust them and I do not believe that they are capable of stepping up to the plate and leading the country instead of pointing the finger at either party. 
 Benjamin Franklin wrote in the the Declaration of Independence: "That whenever any forms of government become destructive to these ends [life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness]. It is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new governments..."

I am not calling for a rebellion and dramatic upheaval with government.But how can a man or woman have "...life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" when they are not paid and the ones that people elect to represent their rights and views can only come to arguing like little children. Blaming the other brother for one mistake or another. I want to know why people want to focus on everthing but the problem. I want to be able to proudly say that I am a citizen of the United States of America, and live in a nation free of debt, where one can pursue their hopes and dreams without worrying about a market crash or a stale mate in Congress. The American people must state their undying need for reform to the internal workings of the economic system, and the people who ride over these decisions.

Where are the people of America who want to have their rights be heard and who understand that just because they believe in one cause or another: blame cannot be handed over like a diamond back rattle snake, compromises must be made in each party. It might just be the society of today, that is used to recieving what they want at the touch of a button and not having anyone restrict them or, say "no". I find my younger family members (ages 5-9) standing at a stale mate until they can get what they want from their mother. Do grown men and women of this country want to be compared as children, toddlers? Can they get past their own biases and work to make this country an economically independent society that is not supported by the money of other countries? Only time will tell and I wish the future generations of America luck. We will need it. The government of the United States has become "destructive" to their very own people.

When it comes to political issues, I try to stay towards the center, but there's no doubt that a lot of my views are left leaning.

Very leftist. i don't really consider myself a democrat, personally I don't find the democratic party in the US to be liberal enough. I am definitely more of a socialist.

Nyctimene:I think I definitely straddle the fence and I prefer to look at it issue by issue because on some things I'm left and some I'm right. I'm Pro Choice, Pro Gay Rights, Feminist, Pro Social Aid programs which all is very left-ist. At the same time I'm pretty much against 99% of immigration and multiculturalism (which I view asa failed social experiment on the people by the government) which is obviously pretty far right. I think this is far more like most people who really aren't 100% either side.  

Just out of curiosity - can you explain to me why you don't agree with multiculturalism? I'm a public school teacher so multiculturalism is a huge part of my job and I've never actually heard of someone actively against it. 

Ok, let me say my six-pence. Being any kind of winger is usually not a good idea. To be a "winger" implies you're a believer in the more radical far "area" of your wing. I personally think associating yourself solely with a particular party isn't a good idea because you discourage yourself from hearing other ideas and it polarizes politics to the point people think they can only choose one of the other.

I think I'm somewhere in the middle. though I learn towards conservatism. I mean, I'm for LGBTQ+ rights and abortion, but most of my economic and immigration views align with the Conservative Party.

To be totally honest, I don't care what your views are. I just think that it is very important people out age HAVE their own political views as opposed to just adopting whatever their parents or friends say. That's what a lot of people I know have done. Teenagers and maybe even younger kids should make an effort to know what's going on in politics or current events and develop their own views, whatever those are.

I'm also left. Unfortunately, here in Croatia there's no real left party, just right party disguised as left.

While I agree more with the left wing, I think both of the major political parties are off their rockers these days. The two-party system is and pretty much always has been killing America and we'd be so much better off without it, imo.

Hi. I'm a Republican, but not the "establishment" type you are witnessing on TV every day. I believe in President Ronald Reagan's belief in "Peace through Strength" which means have a strong economy and we'll have peace. No one will mess with us because they'll respect us. Republicans believe in less gov't which means the gov't has less control of the peoples' choices. Bigger gov't leads down the path of socialism, think USSR. They controlled wages, just about everything. Who wants to be "controlled" by big gov't? I don't. Freedom is not free. People have given the ultimate sacrifice in preserving our freedom. I don't quite understand the Democrats too much lately. To me they have gotten very extreme. I believe in the Democrats who were like John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." I feel they have gotten away from that message.

The Soviet Union were communists.

I'd say I'm more to the left. These are some of my beliefs:
? I believe in universal health care
? I think contraception should stay legal
? I believe abortion should stay legal
? I don't think guns should be banned, but I think there needs to be background checks. If you're scared of background checks, that makes me suspicious. For example, if you've maybe been in the mental hospital in the last 5 years you shouldn't get one (just because you might use it to kill yourself or someone else, depending on what you were there for).
? I have mixed feelings about the dealth penalty
? I think colleges need to be less expensive. If tax payers payed 100%, I'm worried that it would be really hard to get into college. But it shouldn't be leaving people in crippling debt for the rest of their lives.
? Better work-life balance. Humans are humans, not robots. We'll become less productive if overworked.
? Just keep same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, please.
? There should be recycling bins next to public trash cans
? I'm not sure how I feel about raising the minimum wage to $15 because that's what paramedics make. Paramedics and fast food workers shouldn't make the same salary in my opinion

I see myself as far left, as communist or very strong welfare state. But I suppose issues define my political views, rather than wing. I'm pro lgbt since I'm a trans girl and just want to be accepted as a female like anyone else, pro public transport, against guns in any situation, against pollution, against big business, pro trade barriers, and pro big government rather than big business.

This is my first time being able to vote and I REALLY don't want either of the ones who might actually win! I am interested in Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. As far as which I like more in general left or right, it depends who is explaining it, either can sound good or bad. I tend to drift more liberal when on campus and more conservative around my parents I think left/right is too simplistic.


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