Harry Potter Fans Survey/quiz????

1.Who's your favorite character?
2.whats your favorite spell?
3.what's your favorite house?
4.Most hated character?
5.Favorite book?
6.Favorite movie?
7. Favorite professor??
8. Why you love the Harry Potter series

1.Who's your favorite character? Ginny
2.whats your favorite spell? Patronus
3.what's your favorite house? Gryffindor
4.Most hated character? Umbridge!
5.Favorite book? Half Blood Prince
6.Favorite movie? Azkaban or Phoenix
7. Favorite professor? McGonagall
8. Why you love the Harry Potter series: I grew up with it, they're the most amazing stories! :D

1.Who's your favorite character? Fred & George
2.whats your favorite spell? Wingardum leviosa
3.what's your favorite house? Ravenclaw
4.Most hated character? Bellatrix
5.Favorite book? The half-blood prince
6.Favorite movie? I didn't lke the movies that much.
7. Favorite professor?? McGonagall
8. Why you love the Harry Potter series? They were exciting and intelligently written.

Who's your favourite character? Hermione!
Favourite spell? Winggardium Leviosa
Favourite house? Gryfindor?!
Most hated character? Voldomort and bellatrix
favourite book? Prisoner of Azcaban
Movie? Prisoner of Azcaban
Fav profsessor? McGonagall
Why you love the Harry potter series? I loved the mystery and excitement!

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