Writing a book... need a help 😏

I'm writing a book on a group of teens surviving a zombie apocalypse and I got everything down. Though I need help on one chapter. The chapter is going to be a research log of observed behaviors of a patient who contracted a flu-resembling virus called Maniacal Cannibalistic Disorder or MCD. I need help on writing an example of a research paper studying the disease before the outbreak. Can anyone write up a template for me that I can use labelling a fictional character studying the behaviors of a MCD patient working at the CDC? Thank you very much, regards.

This website has a bunch of templates for forms such as consent forms, adverse event forms (I think that one is very relevant to what you're looking for), research methods course applilcations, etc etc.

It doesn't have anything on them as examples of how a researcher would write one of these, but I hope it helps, regardless. Good luck on your story :)



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