Starting fanfiction-Beta and tips needed

So I've decided to start writing fanfiction. I have just (like half an hour ago) signed up to (I'm MagicL) and haven't posted anything yet but I have an idea for one and have my first chapter already written. Do you guys have any tips for me or maybe you write fanfiction yourself!? Also, I need a Beta to read through my work before I post it as I'm obviously just starting out. If any of you are interested please message me as I would really appreciate it. Thankyou! x

Ok so I would love to help you. The things is: I am from Romania and I don't know how much I can help as a Beta since you are from the U.K, maybe to see if you forgot some letters or stuff like that.
As for tips, I do not write fanfictions, but I have read a lot of them and I have became a very picky reader. I can give you some tips here and there.
Rick Riordan (who is an amazing writer) has some advices for writers on his site. They can help you a lot:

This is really nice of you to post that here

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