When to write a novel or series?

I'm interested in becoming an authour and have a few things I would like to write about.How do I know if I should write a novel or a whole series?

Not a writer, so take all this with heaping grains of salt:

IMO start with trying to publish a short story. Read short stories online, there are different sites for different genres. Might take time to successfully publish, have to handle rejection and criticism well but people can get better and better with writing.

Maybe write the novel bit by bit as well. Like scenes you have in your head. Also fan fiction can be a good way to get feedback, but make sure to have some original characters as well.

As an English major, a book that really helped me is "The Fiction Writer's Workshop" by Josip Novakovich. It has chapters that help writers with things from plot developement to character developement, settings, etc., and even gives a list of prompts at the end of each chapter. Also, write everyday! About anything, anyone, listen to music and grab a story out those! Like the previous poster said, try sites like Fictionpress.com, fanfiction.net, or Wattpad (pretty awesome and lots of feedback!) and post some of your work here or reach out to other writers.

      I am writing this poem book at school for the Authors tea. It's really fun, and yet kinda tricky because I sometimes space on what to write. Though I never had trouble with creativity towards drawing.


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