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I was just wondering if anyone here read comics, it would be good to talk to some other girls who read them

I read scary comics a naruto xD

I made a post like this a few months ago. :-D

I do. What comics do you read? Actual comics comics or 'manga' (which I don't really consider a 'comic' moreso a 'graphic novel').

I read quite a bit of Marvel growing up, mostly X-Men of the 90s but also Fantastic Four. I've gotten a little back into X-Men but it's hard to figure out what's going on and I'm not really enjoying a lot of the changes and depowering storyline going on right now.

I read DC a bit more as an adult, especially Wonder Woman but again...they've completely rebooted their franchises several times in just the last few years and I didn't really like the whole teenage Superman, teenage Wonder Woman and killing off Bruce Wayne and replacing him with Dick Grayson thing they did.

Outside that I only read a couple of anime/manga things.

Yeah, I'm really into x-men, I'm currently reading wolverine and the x-men because i love wolverine, and im also caught up on the new 52 the latest DC reboot where they've brought bruce wayne back and all the seperate robins (theres like 5 now

>.<) are all  in their seperate comics

Yeah, I heard they brought Bruce back. DC tends to make stupid decisions and then back pedal lol.

Who are some of your fav comic book characters?

I am a comic book fiend! I celebrate Free Comic Book Day every first Saturday of May and it's amazing. I currently reading Imaginary Boys and it's cute. My favorite DC character is Nightwing because he's action-packed and very attractive.

I love comic books I've spent over a few hundred bucks for comics and I just bought a few more and I know I have a long way to go but I have a goal that I want to achieve with comic books 

I like the superher comics book and the manga books as well!

I've only finished one comic series: DC's Fables. I really liked the first 50 issues, however, the remaining 100 issues (with an exception of some) were slightly let-downs. It ended last year but there is also a prequel comic series called The Wolf Among Us, which is also a video game.

You can read Fables and TWAU here if you're interested:

There are plenty of other comics available on their site too!

I do read comics and I have a lot of them. Batman is my favorite but I also have X-Men, Spawn, The Darkness and Witchblade, Spider-man, etc. But mostly Batman and Spawn I think.

I tried to read them, but it was a failure

Scorts serving


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