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Hi all,

I'm here to get some suggestion to use cloud services. Currently, I'm using Google docs to do all the works. I was in search of a cloud computing provider in Canada to start using it. I'm planning to start a new business and wants to secure the client's data.

I know that we need to backup all the data on our network to another server or hard drives. But when I searched online I get to know about the cloud service will give another backup for all our work and it will be secure. The other benefit is that I can access it anywhere using a mobile or laptop. Has anyone tried backup your data in cloud servers? What are the methods that you're trying to secure the data and backup it? Please advise. Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

I use BOX and I have 50gb available to store my files. It's free (the basic service but there's a premium one) and it has never failed. I can upload files directly from my phone and laptop.


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