PC gets stuck while playing GTA V

Hi all,

I'm here for getting some help from the PC experts. A few weeks back my elder brother built me a gaming PC in a rackmount. When I started playing GTA 5, computer got stuck and it got shut down. After powering up the PC, I tried once more, but it suddenly shut down again within 5 mins. I'm very much confused what's the problem. I checked my PC and found that rackmount is getting overheated.

This is my PC's configuration (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yzzHKZ) and it's built in a custom made rackmount from Bayview metals (http://www.bayviewmetals.com). Will it be any issue with the power supply or SMPDS? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

MMaybe it is time to get some upgrade? Or check your processor if it is not overheated?

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