Not exactly gaming related... Robotics, anyone?

Is anyone else on here part of a robotics team or class? I'm part of a FRC (FIRST Robotics Challenge) team.

No, but you've pulled my heart strings with this one. I took a class called "Tech Lab" back in High School and one of the modules we had to participate in was "Robotics." For a week we had to use a computer program to control and make functional a robot so that if did separate things that we were instructed to make it do. Not sure if this is EXACTLY what you're asking about but it's just what I thought of. Plus my dream job is Animatronic Engineering. Had I listened to my parents and gone to College this would have been what I would be majoring in.

You're fine, I'm talking about robotics in general, robotics through VEX or FIRST is what I'm familiar with. One of my friends is both a part of our school's VEX robotics, and on my FRC team that is county wide. Competitions are so much fun, it's my senior year, so I'm going to miss the competitions in the spring, the long drives with team mates and mentors, and meeting all of the different teams such as SkunkWorks and PHRED.?

Sorry but I have no clue what your abbreviations stand for. I've never heard of any of that around here.

I'm only gonna say this... Cyberdyne... Stop the madness, save the future!!


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