League of Legends

Can someone please explain to me? I'm not much of a gamer, interested in games, but don't have time to commit to playing regularly at the moment. I don't really understand what LoL is, so if someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Sorry for the obliviousness!

HeyMockingjay^.^ I'm a PC gamer and LoL is one of my favaaaavourite games. LoL isn't complicated, but it will take abit of time to get your head around things and understand the game and the language used on it.

Anyway, LoL is a MMO game which means Massive Multiplayer Online. It is mainly focused on one game type, which is 5v5 Summoners Rift. Summoners Rift is a map with 3 lanes, and turrets that you destroy and a jungle separating the lanes. The objective is to destroy the enemy nexus. Minions also spawn in waves for each team. You play with champions, which is just the word they use for characters. These all have roles and different abilitys. In game you can buy items which can give you buffs etc. In game, your lvl can go up to 18 when you farm and get xp. You can get exp from when you kill minions and you get a little from kills. You get gold to buy items from killing minions, doing objectives and kills and assists.

This is an incredibly short overview of LoL, and there is so much more to it and may sound drab when put like this, but it would take me aaaaages to type out it in more detail. It can take alot of skill to master champions as they all work differently and some are easier than others but it is so worth it. If you do decide to create an account, you will only play against bots until your account reaches lvl 5, and then you can play against actual people, so it may seem boring at first but when you get into the swing of things it gets really fun. At lvl 30, the highest lvl your account can reached you can play ranked. There is alot of weird words in LoL that people will use so just google it. People can get very annoied in games and these are "flamers" and toxic players so just ignore them play your best and dont retalliate.?

If you do decide to join, add me im called BlondeNinja (Yes its cringy ik XDDD) so you can ask me anyyyything you like and can play a few games if ya want to :p (but ya dont have to XD).?

Oh and LoL games can last anywhere from 20mins - an hour, not including queue time to get in a game (which will take up to seven minutes, rarely more than 5), and champion select which is about 3 mins. The game itself will not usually go up to an hour (though it can and more) and are on average


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