Using game systems for weight loss..(just bought a Wii)

I'm behind on the times by about 75 years but I finally broke down and bought a Wii yesterday along with "The Michael Jackson Experience." I hooked the Wii up yesterday at about 10:30, got lost having fun playing the game and dancing (if you want to call it that) and got to sweating so bad that after about 10 dances I had to lay down on the floor in front of a fan for about 30 minutes. I looked at my phone and it was past 12:00 so I had been dancing for over an hour!?

So if I can get lost dancing, moving around, sweating AND having a good time all in one I'm wondering if I could use this as a means to shed some pounds? I bought an exercise bike 3 weeks ago and am on it multiple days a week. Though I haven't really noticed "weight loss" from the bike I have discovered that I've toned my arms and legs a little bit.?

So do any of you own a Wii that use it for fitness purposes? Is it helping? Any suggestions on fitness games or games that require a lot of moving?

I've used a Wii playing the Just Dance series before, summer of their dances are very energetic! I think it's a similar thing to your Michael Jackson one, so it should be easy enough to pick up.

Sorry for the late reply!

There are some good games for fitness in the Wii, I don't remember the names tho 😝 but mmm I guess you can ask in the nearest video game shop 😊

Also, Dance Dance Revolution are fun and make your body sweat a lot lol 😁


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