Gaming channels?

just wondering if anyone has any gaming channels they watch, or if they have any of their own. My boyfriend has one he does just for me and one friend who lives in a different country, but he is lazy haha. So I was wondering if anyone has any they watch. I also watch NeebsGaming with him, as they have some nice videos about living a happier life (one of their playlists).?

I like Zebra Gamer 😁 he's pretty fun and we like the same type of games

I'm big fan of gaming and gambling. I don't watch gaming channels. But I quite often play slot games or poker at Even at work I play games to cut down long working hours.

My brother loves playing games, rather that watching others play, he prefers playing video games with his friends. They all follow Instant Gaming website for their games. I have heard them discussing about the trailers of video games shown on their favorite web store. Anyone can also view their web page and collect latest updates about the game.

Not a fan of any channel but I like games. At college I was a devoted gamer. Now I have time only for small games like Snakes on . They are great to relax but not so interesting as video games.

I don't really follow a specific channel, I usually search for a game and I see the videos I found.


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