Ps4 gamers and twitch streamers?

Anyone here play ps4? I play Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny, Overwatch, Dark Souls 3, Paragon and some others as well! I also live stream on twitch :) Let's share our gamertags and streams so we can play together.?My psn is HH-60_Guardian if you want to add me! 😊?

I had overwatch but I couldn't play it anymore just too much nonsense and I just stopped playing destiny and feel like I feel behind i have a couple other multiplayer games I keep terming myself I wanna play with others but I always just end up keep playing alone.

Aww okay, well playing with people is the best part of game in my opinion. 😉

Yea I wanna play with other people but it's just something about myself that just ends up always playing alone in the end anyways?

Paragon is out!?

I mean I'll give you my psn name if you'd like but I don't know if you'd really wanna play together though

@whithererclaw Sure thing! What's your psn??
@stellies Yes! It's awesome. You have to download it 😄



Yes!! I do play Destiny and battlefield on PS4.

I used to play Destiny, Bloodborne and NBA2K17 at my ps4 but now I have time only for small flash games at Sonic Creator is my fav. I think such games are great to kill time at work or just to relax and get rid of stress. Now I'm playing Super Zombie Hunter. I can play it for hours!


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