Pok?mon go!

So I am literally obsessed with this new app/game, anyone else running around outside trying to catch em all?

No I'm stuck at work all the time lol.

EDIT: so my coworkers have it lol. One of them just downloaded it and found a Charmander on his desk XD

Yes!! when I got it i found a squirtle in my living room and you could see it next to my dog it was awesome haha.

I decided not too get it because I'm stuck at work every day, so I won't be able too enjoy it

you are totally missing out lol, I bet there's plenty of Pokemon to catch around your work!

I just feel that since I just can't get out and walk around town I won't be able too get anything and plus I can't really use the data for it on my phone I'm restricted too wit if really?


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