Star Wars Fans?

Is anyone here a Star Wars fan?
Need help with Racer Revenge....

I like star wars but I've never played that game 😫

I love Star Wars!?

Star-wars battlefront xbox one is one of my favourite game. I am a big fan of playing star-wars series games, ever since one of my friends gifted me a playstation after Acheter Playstation Plus 365 jours from website of Press-start.

I'm a big fan of games and especially of star wars games. I read at that some slot machines devoted to most popular blockbusters and cult movies. Currently, I'm playing Star Wars Hyperspace Dash and I want to try new star wars slot games in the near future.

I've never played that game before, only the first one Episode 1 Racer :)


Thanks for your responses! And yeah, sorta the same here. The only one I've played is the one after that, Racer Revenge.

In my opinion Star Trek is better but I can watch Star Wars without getting sick :P Like for example Planet Apes :P

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Have you ever tried GameFaqs? Google it and you'll find the answer for whatever you're looking for

I've played Episode 1 Racer and a few other Star Wars games. I love Star Wars but I'm not a very good gamer so I can't offer very good advice for playing.

I am a huge fan of Star wars. I have a mug and a t-shirt. Also I love playing themed games on . They are so well made and easy to play.

I used to be a fan, but I do not like the last episodes (


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