RPGs (Role-Playing games)

I was supposed to create this topic yesterday but forgot. Ever since I've begun playing games, which was at an extremely young age, RPGs have been my favorite genre. They're games you can get lost in for hours at a time. Just this past weekend I found a game while fooling around on my Xbox 360 called "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" which is an open world RPG with hundreds of quests and side quests. Between work and other tasks, just since Saturday I've put over 20 hours into this game and I've read online from others who have put hundreds of hours into this game so if anyone likes RPG/Adventure and wants a good, long game - this is it! It's created by EA Games and can be compared to Fable 2, Skyrim and Dragons Dogma (all RPGs as well).

I figured I'd open this to all RPG lovers.??

I love that game. I love how big the world is and the premise of it :).?

Me too. I've put 26 hours in so far and I know I'll be playing it most of the weekend. 🤗

What fighting style do you do?

I love RPGs, I think it's my favorite genre, right now I have:

For PS1:
1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Breath of Fire IV
3. Parasite Eve

For PS2:
1. Dragon Quest VIII
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Final Fantasy XII

For PS3:
1. Demon's Souls
2. Diablo III
3. Dragon Age Origins
4. Dragon Age Inquisition
5. Fallout 3
6, Final Fantasy X/X-2
7. Final Fantasy XIII
8. Kingdoms of Amalur
9. Skyrim


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