Allison Road

Ok so I'll just go ahead and say that I'm not a huge gamer. I would be if I didn't have the attention span of two year old. But while I was still real young and was more interested in helping my brother figure things out and watching him play, I really enjoy(ed) Silent Hill the most. Of course at the time I would be too scared to play (kinda still am heh, I am weak) I found it incredibly interesting and loved how deep and creepy the story was/is. I tried to play a couple of the games, I got the furthest in Homecoming, but even that wasn't that far and I no longer have it in my possession.

Well, since the Silent hill team kind of abandoned it, Hideo Kojima icked up the project of making the next game in the series and had Guilermo del Toro working with him. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Too good to be true? Well it was. Konami kicked Kojima and since they own the title to SH, he and del Toro could no longer continue with this project. So the future of SH is pretty bleak for the time being I suppose. I haven't heard anything about anyone at Konami trying to pick it back up. So hearts broken, dreams shattered.

But wait! A small, dim light at the end of the tunnel! A new hope for a good survival horror game has come with the announcement of Allison Road. Allison Road has been claimed to be the spiritual successor to Silent Hill and looked quite promising just from watching videos of the PT or trailor, or whatever it was.

Well guess what.


I am just sooooo....disappointed.


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