Gamer Girl Who Now Has Diablo 3 (:

So me and my fiance have been playing Diablo 3: RoS for 2 days straight. I have a wizards and he has a monk, and I must say..... wizards are OP!!!!!!! I am looking for a female to play with (since I never had a female friend who plays video games) Anyone play??? 

I'm on xbox one btw, gamertag is TeeFaLyfe  and my fiance's gamertag is Iammeco  (Its best to add him first and message asking for Tasha and that you saw my forum)

Anyone is welcome to add but message first so I would know. And I don't just play Diablo but also play Destiny, COD ... All that Jazz (:


I ain't a gamer girl but I've seen some posts of NocturnalMistress and she's a gamer :)

I'm a gamer!! But I rarely play online, basically never.

I do own Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition. I play as a Barbarian and I totally love it.

Diablo 3 was a fun game. I liked playing with the monk and the crusader the most

Currently playing it! Quite entertaining!

I'm fond of fighting games. After I finished all flash games at I started to play Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. As for me, Diablo 3 is better than the previous version. It has more action and great plot. Hope I'll finish in the near future.


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