Am I the only gamer girl?!

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I enjoy Wii or Xbox and like app games

Me and my boyfriend play Team Fortress 2 a lot. Your not the only one who is a gamer.

i mostly use the wii though

I used to have a DS but it broke (rip ds lite 2008-2012) and I was addicted to Super Mario Bros and FIFA.
Now I play minecraft on my iPad and a few games like Minion Rush and TwoDots if that counts??

Also a gamer XD I really want to get a PS4. I've still got a PS3 at the moment; I'm quite big on GTA and COD

PC gaming too :) need to get back into minecraft. The Sims is my no. 1 though lol?

Bluechild:I have a WiiU and I love Super Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon :D?

Same! Also Kirby and Scribblenauts

Lots of Wii users! 😮

Apparently Xbox 360 is discontinuing manufacture. I guess the Xbox One is taking over! I'm behind on the times!

I'm a huge gamer, it's definitely not only for guys! I've just finished the new Uncharted, it's awesome!

😁 Glad to hear it!?
I think I'm going to play my Silent Hill games again soon. I'm up at nighttime and have a big screen now sonic up for the scare!

Good choice, I like the 2nd one in the series best :D

I game a lot :)

I've always been gaming for as long as I can remember. Between my fianc? & I we own most every console, and still play every single one of them.?
But currently, playing Xbox 360 more than anything. Playing Borderlands & Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. If not playing xbox, you can usually find me playing World of Warcraft.?

CheyUnder269:i love playing PC games, i also have an Xbox1 and a PS4, lol xD?

What I have all of those what games do you play on them?

naomi_blue:Also a gamer XD I really want to get a PS4. I've still got a PS3 at the moment; I'm quite big on GTA and CODPC gaming too :) need to get back into minecraft. The Sims is my no. 1 though lol??

Sims 3 or 4?

I am totally a gamer girl and still in love w Nintendo :3

I'm a Nintendo child. ^^

They're re-releasing the NES sometime soon with select games to go with it. 😊

I've always loved video games. I currently have a ps4, and I love Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Dark Souls, Uncharted series, Guitar Hero and so many more! It's hard to list everything, 😄 I'll play anything that catches my eye. I really want a PC so I can get into PC gaming as well!?

I don't want to dive into self pity but my family or me never had the money for expensive things like consoles or gaming PCs. But I play anything I can play on my weak machine, and I love video games! I have played many GTA-s, Need for Speed games, Sims games, and I have a good couple of years of World of Warcraft addiction behind my back. I also tried League of Legends for the sake of my boyfriend but it is both too boring and too difficult for me at the same time...?

I like video games but I ain't a hard core gamer 😊

I have some friends who love video games and are girls so nop, you're not the only one 😉

I've been a gamer since I can remember, I have a PS3 and I'm saving for a PS4. I don't really play on my phone or pc but I can do it if I'm bored at school :P

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I don't like video games, it's a waste of time

That is blasphemism!

But you are kind of right. Some people play too much or intense. But playing sometimes is like doing other hobbies.

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