Am I the only gamer girl?!

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I know I don't post any in here but I am a huge gamer. I've been gaming ever since I was around 4 or 5 when my brother and I were growing up and I know more males ae gamers than females but I wanted to know if any of you on here are gaming fiends?! 

What games do you play?

Typically I'm more of an adventure/RPG type girl but in the past (before my ex moved out) I was REALLY big into Call of Duty. 
I grew up playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo games like Zelda, Super Mario, Mario Cart, Donkey Kong, etc. Now that I play XBOX my favorite game is Nier and I am currently playing Dragon's Dogma (which is pretty hard, IMO)! 


I used to be into COD too, but only for the Zombies. And grew up on Nintendo as well, they used to be awesome back in those days, Zelda, Conkers Bad Fur Day, 007, Perfect Dark, Road Rash, Super Smash, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart, Starfox haha, back when Resident Evil was good, etc. I saw that game couldn't get into it, but I've been playing Dark Souls 2, the first one was harder though I think. Other than that, kinda been getting bored with the newer games. Was looking at Metal Gear Solid V & eVolve looked interesting. I loved the old MGS so maybe it will be good. If you ever play playstation, Kingdom Hearts was a pretty good series. I want to go back to PC though, I really loved playing on PC.

Are you getting the X1 or you already have it?

No I think I'm pretty content with what I have! At least in this point in time I am! My ex took the PS2 when he moved out but I was seriously addicted to FFX. I couldn't much get into the older FF games but I loved FFX. And recently I just beat Diablo 3 and Saints Row 4 for XBOX. Totally weird game but plenty to do so I enjoyed it!

I play video games...but mostly like fun/party games like mario party, super smash bros, stuff like that

I haven't played many games like that but I wouldn't mind, really! I'm just in a position where I don't have people to play with at the moment so long, one-player games have had to keep me company for a while! Lol. :P

I'm more of a GameCube, Wii, Playstation, Nintendo Ds kind of girl.
I grew up playing Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong all those lovely fun games. 

I haven't played Playstation in a long time thou, I only played that when I was very little.. But I do like Playstation thou.

I love Donkey Kong! I've never played any of those consoles, aside from the PS.  My Mom offered to get me a Wii for Christmas two years ago but I declined. If I had the extra room I might like to have one. 

I play XBOX, I love assassins creed. :D

I tried getting into A.C and just never could. I'm playing Dragon's Dogma through for the second time now. 

lilrockstarxxx:I play XBOX, I love assassins creed. :D 

I remember that game. A long time ago I used to play on my brothers Xbox and I used to play that game. 
I never really like accompolish anything on there though. I would just ride horses, fight with people, jump off of buildings into the hay. 
It was fun when I didn't have to accompolish anything.

I'm a huge gamer I play whenever I'm not working on my xbox 360

That makes two of us. :) 
I'm on my 2nd go with Dragon's Dogma until I find something else better to occupy me for hours at a time!

I play a lot of First Person Shooters on my XB360 (my favorite is Halo), im thinking about buying a new ds, i used to have a dsi and a wii but i kinda out grew them. ive been playing games since i was 3 (im 16 now). i know what you mean though, im kinda of a tomboy, i love robotics,computers, and videogames. i feel like a lot of girls my age are too obsessed with looks and other dramatic tjings that dont matter. i love to just chill on the couch with my pink xbox controller andplay GTAO with my friends.

Which oF the GTA's?? 
Have you played any of the Saints Row games?

Hey those were the days, danielle! I love Super Nintendo! Don't challenge me on that Rainbow Bridge on Mario Kart! LOL. 

When my ex and I were together I was, when my connection allowed it, pretty awesome. Especially with an AK47. Now that he has moved out I had to re-arrange my room and also buy my own XBOX. Now it's almost impossible to get a good connection so most of my gameplay is single-player to avoid lag and random connection drops! My current boyfriend and I were just discussing the new COD tonight at work saying when we move in together we are going to get some serious gametime in! :P

Hey I'm Katie. :) I'm a huge gamer. When not working. Lol. I play a lot of rpg. (destiny, halo, darksiders, dragon age inquisition, and some fps.) What do you guys play?

I wouldn't say I'm a gamer but I do play games. 
I like to play Mortal kombat, tekken, bully, GTA,"all of them".


i have some games on my phone if that counts, not complicated games tho but theyre fun 

I love playing games! My favorite one so far is Skyrim.

I tried Skyrim but I have it up after a couple of hours. That's totally odd for me though because I'm a big Adventure nerd, lol.

I like indie games since they're like $3-$15. I like Hotline Miami & Fez, which are probably some of the few I played recently. With my friends I play some of the Wii games - like Supersmash brothers.

I was given a gameboy 3ds from my new uncle does that mean anything?

i love playing PC games, i also have an Xbox1 and a PS4, lol xD

I have an Xbox 360 and PS3 I love playing borderlands, destiny, battlefield, call of duty, and skyrim and fallout always looking to meet new people to play with

No, I love playing video games as well. 

do any girl play PS 4?

I am another girl in your league who is a big gaming freak! I love playing RPG games and am a huge Call of Duty fan! I am currently playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Fallout 4. I have already Star Wars: Battlefront Kaufen and am looking forward for more exciting games in 2016. Would love to know your favorite picks of 2015 and what all games you are looking forward to in 2016.

I'm glad I got so many responses! I'm surprised! Unfortunately when my ex moved out that meant moving and rearranging many of the things in my bedroom. He took his XBOX with him and I had to get a new one, plus a new TV. So now my XBOX is placed further away from the router so my internet connection is not worth fighting with as far as getting into good multiplayer games. If I still had the old room arranged by I would be on CoD all the time, like I was in the past! 😞

Unspeakable:do any girl play PS 4??

I know I'm not a girl but I just recently got a ps4 for myself, if you care or not

I have a xbox one.

nope i got a ton of games cx

I am a girl gamer too, I have an Xbox360.

I have a WiiU and I love Super Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon :D

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