Should I use web templates for making a website?

I want to make a free website about my favourite music genres and I was recommended to use templates as nice tool for this. Anyone tried them too? Is this really a nice solution for my case?

For non-commercial projects web templates can be the best decision. With them you get ready site skeletons which you can very simply modify according to your tastes and needs, of course there are some limits for design changes but for free sites that's really enough. Considering such simplicity in their case you can make a web design with your own hands and that can take only a couple of days which is really very fast, especially comparing with custom-designed sites which can be made during many months. There is a great variety of templates for all free web platforms including such popular ones as WordPress, Wix and so on, there are also many types of them in case of themes, for example music wordpress theme is one of the most widespread ones :) You can also find many free templates too, of course they have many limits for design, upgrades and some other functions but it can be ok for such free sites as yours.
Their only minus is lack of uniqueness for design and also they aren't convinient in case of uploading separate images but anyway it's usually the best choice for simple and non-commercial sites. And they can't be used as an additional tool for online advertising because unfortunately templates don't attract search engines.


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