How do I start a blog and make money online?

Share your experience and what is the best way to make money online??

I think that the easiest way to make money online is gambling. Only this method can help you make some money fast. By the way, I recommend you these online casino games


Blogging is a cool way of making money online but this method will really take time for gaining rather nice amounts of them. It really depends on its content, design and advertising, all these elements are very important for making it successful and as a result getting more and more money :) So you need to make a great work firstly with developing it and be patient. As I know general time can take at least several years.
You can start with making a simple one, there are many nice resources like WordPress for building it with your own hands, they're usually simple even for newbies. Wix could be a nice hoice too, it's now not less popular than WordPress. Your other main things will be content (it depends on your purposes) and design, in case of last one professional web builders usually recommend to use web templates for the start. For example, there are really many wordpress com themes and you can easily use some of them for free :) In this case much money and time can be saved.
And also you'll need good online advertising for attracting to your blog as many people as possible, as I know various SEO and SMM tools are the best in this case but they're also rather expensive, so you'll need the biggest amount of money for advertising.


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