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As of today there are over 130 million registered websites are there in the internet. So through all of it Most of us relays on search engines for what we want. These search engines are become so good, there are over 90% of people using internet relaying and find things. Now there is lots of good search engines are there but about 83% people worldwide use Google. When you search something in Google you will get back a results page and there is lots of stuff on it. Companies can pay Google to come in first position of search engine but in actual resource list nothing can be done with payment. Now here is the important part that most people just don't know, that is almost 94% of people searching in Google only click sites in first page. So main preference of people go to only results in first page. Here is the importance of optimization search engine. That is if people search something relevant to them and when they see your website in first automatically they will enter in your website and your business increase. These are not just any visitors these are people that are looking for exactly what you are for.?seo packages india


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