Favorite TV show

What is your favorite TV show of all tme?

Call girls in London

The Twilight Zone

Friends is the best tv show ever and The office and That 70's show?

The Loud House is my favorite show of all time now!! My fave character in it is Lisa, hence my avatar!!

walkinf dead and once upon a time

H2O: Just Add Water is so great! It's about mermaids.

I like Ghost Adventures. It's stupid and kind of lame sometimes but it holds my interest.

I am a really huge fan of South Park

but I am really getting into Supernatural and I also love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Game of thrones.

I don't have one, I like many TV series, too many to choose one. The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory and maybe Friends are my favs.

Stranger Thing, Friends, Dark

Games of Thrones :)


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