Thirteen Reasoms Why

Has anyone watched the new series. I read this book in middle school and it was really good but i taught it was gunna be a movie but idk if i should pay for a netflix if it's not worth it

I read the book years ago and thought it was great. It really made me think.

I am watching the series a little here and there and I like the actors (the Hannah actress is beautiful, I love her) but maybe it's a video vs text difference, some of the things she gets super upset about aren't really things that anybody could help, or that you'd really expect to be so upsetting. I don't mean to make light, but I just noticed watching it vs reading it, there are times when she's so mad that (for example) someone stopped hanging out with her. Like anybody is required to hang out with you sometimes people grow apart, some of the anger seems misplaced or too much. Also it's weird if she was so traumatized yet she calmly narrates all those hours of tapes while making jokes and sarcastic remarks, I mean it was in the book too, it just didn't stand out to me the same way because I was reading it instead of seeing and hearing it I guess. Anyway JMO but my friends all like it so maybe I'm the oddball!! Maybe Netflix has a trial subscription or something that would let you watch at least one or two to see how you like it??


Omg that's exactly how i feel about it i'm on episode 4 i found on a free show website and i?don't really like it, it's interstetimg but the book is definitely better,it's a really slow show she just seems like all she wants is attention some of the things she gets mad about are things that happend to everyone?

Hmm... i do not want to say anything


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