This Is Us

This Is Us the new NBC show I know it is pretty popular and I've been watching it on Hulu since it came out. I love it. The thing is I don't normally get emotional about shows or movies very often but every episode of This Is Us at least lately including the latest episode I watched today make me cry! I just love the concept, story and characters. It is put together really well. I think it is mostly the parents story makes me think of my own parents and how it was like for them when they were my age and just starting a relationship, marriage, and children etc. Anyone else watch it? Comments anything? If you aren't watching it I suggest you start definately a touching series.

I've never seen it but it sounds like an interesting show to me. I'll check it our later.

I don't have Hulu tho so this could be a problem.

I love it, you must see it as soon as possible!


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