Your favourite old classic movies!

My personal favourites would have to be:
Titanic ( Leo is damn gorgeous)
Star Wars ( Classic)
Gremlins ( Gizmo!)

What are your old favourites?


Back to the Future
Dumb and Dumber (Might not be considered to be a classic but i didn't LMAO the first time i saw it)

agreed, back to the future! and titanic is a great classic one too but it makes me too emo :(

but I mostly don't like "old classic" movies I prefer new, anyone agree?

Ferris Beuller's Day off
The Exorcist
The Breakfast Club
The Goonies
Stand By Me
The Color Purple
Nightmare on Elm street
Coming to America
To Kill A Mockingbird
I think there's more that I can't remember watching :)

Ghostbusters and Back to the future are awesome 😁 but mmm if I go more classic, I'd say The wizard of Oz 😉

I would love watching Titanic again.

Wizard of Oz
The Goonies
Dazed and Confused


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