Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World

Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World are some of my favorite 90's television shows (even though I was born in 2000). What's your opinion on these TV shows and other 90's shows?

Duuude, I used to watch Boy Meets World all the time.

Boy Meets World is soooo good. Who's your favorite character(s)?

Nicee. Ofc I love Shawn, Topanga, and Cory.

As much as I love Cory and Topanga, Shawn was like my Hermione (not the star but a scene stealer in my opinion)

I wished they made more shows like those ones. They still have re-runs on in the morning here sometimes and i watch them before scool; great way to start the day :)

? Okay. I love Boy Meets World, never heard of Saved By the Bell, and I love Full House a lot.

You can watch both Full House and Boy Meets World on these sites:

Thanks for sharing this with us


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