Favourite Disney movie!

Everybody loves Disney, right? :D

So what's everybody's favourite film? I love Beauty and the Beast, or Tangled for something a little more modern.

Tangled definitely! Also I love finding nemo, maleficent, Cinderella and sleeping beauty?

Frozen, Aladdin, and the Toy Story movies!!!

The Beauty and the Beast

Also I like The Princess and the Frog

Alice in Wonderland 😁 it's very old but I like it a lot

Moana is a great disney movie ,i loved watching it. Especially the music is great. Both Emma & Ryan have done a amazing job ,I would love to watch this movie again. If anyone here Emma's fan do visit earn the necklace to know interesting facts about her.

I also like Inside Out and The little mermaid 😁

Frozen! Also when I was a kid I watched The Tigger Movie like 50 times lol.

Jungle Book!

I'm fond of all disney movies. My fav are Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Frog

I'm pretty much a big sucker for all cartoon movies Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky etc. from old to new and own most of them on DVD as they are some of the only movies I like to watch over and over again.

I personally always loved the animal movies more than the princess movies 101 Dalmations, The Lion King and Bambi have been 3 of my top favorites for a long time.

Though some of the sequels like The Lion King II Simba's Pride, and The Lady and the Tramp II Scamp's Adventure can rival with some of the classics they are that good IMO.

Most Pixar/Disney movies are superior movies and all tend to be really good but my favorites are probably Wall-E, Monster's Inc., and The Incredibles.

My favorite "non-animal" Disney movies are probably Hercules and Tarzan.

Though my favorite Disney characters are like Stitch and Tigger and there movies are really great too but don't manage to beat out the ones I already listed haha.

I looked at my DVD collection while typing this post which was probably a bad idea because now I'm like oh but this movie and that movie (Aristocats, Brother Bear, Atlantis, Treasure Planet!!!)! I really do love them all haha.

1...Frozen (Anna i like a lot, and also Olaf)
2...Monster Inc

Pulp Fiction. By the time the movie was filmed and distributed, Miramax Films was owned by Disney :D

My favorite is beauty and the beast



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