Marvel fans?

Any marvel fans on here? And who's pumped for Civil War?!

That would be me. I'm a big Marvel nerd! I even have Marvel related underwear! 😂

Captain America is coming out on my birthday so I'm like shifting myself waiting for it, lol! Thor 3 comes out next year!

😂 No way I've got marvel undies too!!?

😳 You must be my long lost sister.?

What kind do you have?!?

I have Iron Man ones and ones that say "Marvel" on the band. They both have comics on them, plus various other merchandise. 😊?

What's your favorite Marvel movie and character??

I've got Iron Man ones too... I think we may have the same ones!! (Ok it's super annoying how this forum turns exclamation marks into question marks lol it makes me sound confused all the time)

I obviously love Iron Man lol (I wonder whose side I'm on...). I also love Deadpool!! Wby?

my favourite movie is probably Guardians

I tried contacting technical support about this site ha ing a coding error but never got a response. I know it's annoying. 😕

Characterwise I am a Loki freak. 😍😍
Moviewise I would say Captain America: The Winter Soldier or GotG.?

I can't wait for it either I just wish they had the ability to incorporate the whole thing as a movie not just the main story?

So guys who's seen Civil War yet?


It doesn't start for another week.

Is anyone excited to see Black Panther in the new Captain America? Isn't he supposed to have his own movie? He seems like such a cool character!! Marvel underwear haha oh my gosh now I feel like my underwear is so boring?

Now I see the coding problem. Those aren't all question marks

NocturnalMistress:It doesn't start for another week.?

It does for me! :)

English perks XD

I'm seeing it in one hour. 😜

I?love?Marvel, and basically everything superhero! Especially series, because they last longer than movies ;) The Flash was my life for the time I binged the whole two seasons, and Supergirl left on such a cliffhanger I'm dying waiting for it to pick up. I'm thinking of starting Agent Carter next.

I'm bad talking about the movies, since I keep forgetting the plot and things, lol. I have a horrible memory. I saw Deadpool last week, it was ducking amazing. Marvel and all things superhero are a great way to spend time with my brother too, we always eat ice cream, candy, cookies or chips, or all of the above, lol, while we watch them together.

// Also, I'm not the only one to notice how some of the spaces turn into question marks? ARGH!

Yes I always look forward to Marvel movies.? DC has a long way to go to catch up I dodnt like batman vs superman.? Just the whole Idea of it was just dumb and it was too long.

I'm much more of a DC person, to be honest!
But I've watched almost all the movies in the MCU and I've even read teh Civil War Comics

I loved Guardians of the galaxy and can't wait for gotg2 😁

I'm a huge fan of comic books but somehow movies haven't caught my atenttion, I love movies like Logan and Deadpool but I honestly prefer the older ones like Spiderman and X-Men (original trilogies)

From Marvel i like only Iron Man films!


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