American Horror Story:Hotel discussion anyone??

okay so this was the most adult rated season and the worst one. It was just all over the place with a bad story and things left unsaid like what happens to the baby??? It was not scary at all and the characters had really bad roles. Any taughts anyone?

It's like they start out with a good idea, but don't know where they're going with it. They try to throw around good, modern messages like the ones about transgender and bisexuality, which is good don't get me wrong, but they're just so patchworked in there. They try to incorporate things like Hotline Bling in there that turn out to be really cringey. And when it came to the characters that were based off actual serial killers, they were way too stereotypical and it just sounded like when kids take characters from all kinds of different things and take turns role playing them together or a bad, amatuer fanfiction.?

I'm also none too pleased with the fact that they blatantly said they based an episode (or part of one) off of the Elisa Lam case. If you're not aware of that case, she's ?girl who was found dead in a water tank at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. There are security camera footages of her before her murder, but no one can make any sense of them. It's a cold case and her family has never had any kind of closure. I think it's pretty insensitive if you ask me.

Yess I really hope the next season is better because they did not think this one through

I think I saw somewhere that they're doing the next season based off Slenderman.

I wish they would just let that creepypasta die already. It was alright in it's day, but especially after the incident with those young girls happened, we really need to just let that one go.


Hmm i don't know i thought Season 1 was pretty adult rated.


Every season is adult rated


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