Boys & Girls Movie

Hey, I saw this cool movie on NETFLIX called "Boys & GIrls" it's a great movie about love & friendship. It stars Freddie Prrince Jr.. The movie was so addicting I watched it twice yesterday. I highly recommend this movie I love his love interest she is so unique and quirky. The song also has some good 90's early 2000's music as well! If you have seen it or want to check it out leave a comment!!!:)

This movie is great! I highly recommend it!!!:)

I was dragged to see this, but I found myself really liking it. The chemistry is wonderful and even though the storyline isn't the most original thing in the world, it has enough spark to keep it going. Definitely more of a rent-able movie, but let down your guard about teen flicks. This one is pretty good. :)


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