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I'm mostly making this because I wanted to list out my favorite shows and movies currently on Netflix. Although I figured since Netflix can be hit or miss sometimes or you really have to dig to find the good stuff it might be helpful for suggestions. Since everyone likes a variety of shows and movies feel free to add your own Netflix favorites. I know Netflix adds and removes things all the time so I will try to keep my own list updated as long as I keep interest in this topic.

I'm going to split my own list into several catergories because I want to and figured it would be easier for people looking for suggestions and will add brief descriptions again because I want to feel free to list your own favorites however you want

Underworld - long lasting feud between vampires and lycans (werewolves)
Underworld: Evolution - 2nd movie in the series about the feud between vampires and lycans (probably my favorite movie of all time)

Cowspiracy - the negative impacts the animal industry has on the earth its bigger than you think and is being hidden from you (I helped fund this on indiegogo and own it on dvd)
Zeitgeist: The Movie - 3 sections about different theories, Christianity, 9/11, and New World Order (Part 1 is my favorite, there are 2 more movies in the series don't remember if I've watched them but they are also on netflix)
Blackfish - exposes the animal cruelty behind seaworld
Vegucated - follows 3 omnivores who try and vegan diet for six weeks
Food Inc. - looks into the corporate controlled food industry
The Paw Project - argument against declawing cats and trying to get it banned

Cartoon Movies:

Zoo - All other animal species start to kill humans, group of humans team up to try and figure out why and how to stop it
Between - All the adults in a small town start dying from a virus
Hemlock Grove - mythical thriller following 2 characters both hiding dark secrets
Beauty & the Beast -
Being Human (U.K.) -
Skins - follows the lives of a group of angst sexual british teens
Shameless - follows the lives of the gallagher family and other characters on the deprived chatsworth estate

Reality Shows:

Cartoon Shows:
Family Guy -
American Dad -
Futurama -
Dragons: Race to the Edge - 

You should definitely watch scorpion and sense 8 on Netflix they are the best shows there in my opinion?

At the moment I've been watching DareDevil and the anime Devil May Cry. About movies, I usually random movies if the rating and the plot are good enough.

I am watching DareDevil too, and i think it is a great series. Maybe the bes I watched on Netflix since long time

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