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Has anyone here watched the Anime NANA? i love their music and wanted to know if anyone knows more music as what they have on there.

Hi! I loved NANA and the music. Some other animes that have good music are Angel Beats! and Highschool of the Dead. The Attack on Titan soundtrack is pretty good too :)

I love anime i really like the music in sailor moon and sailor moon crystal a lot of anime do have some good music.

One of my favorites!! I'll post more songs later.

Evangelion - Intro song

Another one!! One if the best imo

Full metal alchemist - Intro song

One more before leaving

Serial experiments Lain - Intro song

Inuyasha - Intro song

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - Intro song[/b]

i heard that it is nice anime

Can we save music in? recorder on Android??


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