American Horror Story.

I never really watched it until this new season came out.
I honestly don't know what to think of it cause I can't really get into the show.

I just don't know why. 

What are your thoughts about American Horror Story?
Do you like it? Or Don't?

I tried the 2nd season but I didnt see much 2be honest, the new ones spooky?

I'ved watched like half of the first new season episode and couldn't get into it.
I kept falling asleep and couldn't stay focused on the show.

Is it boring then? I have the 2nd season on Netflix but I havent had the time 2c it

My favorite season is season 1, then 2, then 3, then the current one. Since each season is its own story, you can just jump around seasons if you don't like the current one. I mostly watch now because I love the actors, not so much for the plot.

Yeah, the first season was quite entertaining, actually. I liked American Horror Story when it started.  I liked season two too, Asylum, which was less interesting but had more specific ideas. The third season, Coven is skippable. I didn't find season three as interesting, since I thought the plot was weak and stunted. And the fourth and current season, the freak show one, is horrific bordering on something you don't want to watch. It's interesting, but after a few episodes it did nothing for me.

I loved Murder House, but Asylum was kind of weird and boring. Haven't seen the others yet... I want another season of Murder House, they left so much hanging. ;/

I just started watching this on Netflix and I don't understand it. Could someone explain the plot of the show to me without spoilers?

Yeah, I stopped watching it.It didn't spark me and it just became boring. Idk.
People say it's scary too but I don't think it's scary -- but that's just me! 

I stopped at the third episode of the first season because the beginning scene with Moira and Cosntance's husband really upset me. I picked it back up at season two and I'm up to date with seasons two-four but I can't bring myself to finish season one. I do like AHS, I just think it's directionless.

The best season hands down is the first one (murder house) and the close second is AHS: Asylum. My sister's favorite is Coven but I never watched an episode of it, but from what I did see it was very interesting. The absolute worst was Freakshow. It didn't get good until the last three episodes which is a real shame.

But definitely watch the first two seasons.

I love it, because it's insane and disgusting. Best season so far - 2.

my favortie season is season 3, but i think the best one is season 1. The 4th season is kinda weird, i just started watching it...soo many questions i have...

I really like this series, especially the first season.

I liked the third season most of all.

I liked this series. It was something new in the world of TV series for me.?I really liked the 1st and 3rd seasons. I was looking forward to the release of Season 7, but I didn't really like it. The first 3 are the most interesting.?I like very much similar to the American horror story series (I found a lot of these here ), especially Deadline and?The Last Exorcism .?I like quality horror films that are kept in suspense until the end.


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