fantasy/sci-fi lovers?

my 3 favorite tv shows are "Once Upon a Time","Sleepy Hollow",and "Pretty Little Liars". Anyone else?


I love Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals 

I'm more into Sci Fi movies than shows. I love blade runner and star wars the most <3

yes!!!  I read lots of fantasy stuff...and some sci fi stuff too and i am a big star wars/star trek fan....and firefly!!!!!

I love to watch How I met your mother, Arrow, and The Flash

the lord of the rings, the hobbit and harry potter are my favorite :) 

I like fantasy honestly but im not watching much American shows anymore, I'll watch the Untold stories in Discovery, Ghost Hunter, and Big Bang Theory

i really like star trek, especially the next generation and voyager, but i like enterprise too. ^_^

I'm a huuuuge nerd, I basically like most of the genre

I like Mythica, Trollhunters and Shannara Chronicles.


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