miley cyrus
honestly i am a really big fan of miley cyrus i know that she has made a lot of mistakes in the past but now i think she is maturing more and not being as rebellious anymore i mean i dont know her but thats what i see i think when she was trying to break away from disney and hannah montana she did make mistakes but i think people were over dramatic about it just because they were used to her being hannah montana but its not her its just a role she played what do you think about her now??
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      Miley Cyrus is my favorite old Disney actress/singer. I dunno what happened to her, but I'm sure it's just a phase. Just like, in the past, I have had an unsafe, maniac-ish girl, chain chomp obsessed, impressionable 8 year old phase, and it got rid of itself right away when I turned 13. So, basically, Miley's slutty, bitchy, trashy phase will go away when she's around 26.

She stated once that she does trashy things to get people to look at her then she'll tell them about a good cause....buying that or not ?(:

I think she's already calming down. Everythings about publicity, but I think mostly her going a bit overboard was about breaking the "Hannah Montana" image. Obviously many pop stars behave that way, it was just so shocking because of the contrast to how she was before. She's a pop star, the thing that matters most is her music. I liked Wrecking Ball, but since that she's changed her style a lot. I'm not such a fan of the newer material, and I guess I'm not alone, since her songs aren't on constant replay in the radio anymore.

She's definitely calmed down, now she's just doing her, which is amazing. And I love her feminism. You do you, boo.

I watch The Voice and root for her (but I like all the coaches) (but I like her best right now)

For one thing, I think people focus so much on her attention getting actions that sometimes they overlook how pretty she is!

But also you can tell she has a big heart and is able to understand and relate to people, she isn't like some super-cool star who looks down on you, you feel like she'd appreciate and get along with pretty much anybody unless they were rude and mean.

I am also a big fan of her . Read it in the news that she is planning a wedding with Liam Hemsworth in Australia

Hmm... i do not like that

U.K. Escortia


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