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I'm 19 years old and my favorite movies are still cartoon/animated ones.  Mostly when it comes to owning DVDs and watching them multiple times.  I think it is mostly because I love making other animals to be more like humans (and the ones about animals are normally my favorites) I also have always been in to art and computers so I enjoy the peoples work in the movies (for awhile I thought that is what I wanted to do for a career).

I enjoy just about any cartoon/animated movies from Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky, Nickelodeon, and other smaller companies.  From the classic first made cartoons to the new fancy computer animations.  Just for Christmas I got  Barnyard, Over the Hedge, The Incredibles, A Bug's Life and The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. I have 20 movies on DVD or VHS and 13 of them are cartoon/animated films.  I also just put a list of DVDs I want and out of 49 out of 56 are cartoon/animated movies lol. (and I'm still working on the list)

Any other gurls love cartoon/animated movies? What are some of your favorites? Some of my favorites are  Monsters inc., The Incredibles, Bambi, The Lion King, The Lion King 2, Happy Feet, Wall-E,  and 101 Dalmations.  I do also enjoy watching cartoon shows as well both the kind for kids and ones like Family Guy and South Park.


I totally agree with you gurl. I LOVE animated movies. My favorites would be: 

The Lion King (1 & 2) 

Beauty and the Beast


How to Train Your Dragon

i really like the Disney Pixar breed of animated movies, they're generally very well done. impeccable writing while also being visually stunning. Despicable Me was pretty good as well

I love animated movies!!!


My favourites are Up!, Tangled and Monsters Inc :) x

I love stop motion animation. Anything worked on by Henry Selick or Tim Burton or produced by Laika is awesome  in my books. I can't wait for ParaNorman.

I totally agree too! My favorites are The Thief & the Cobbler (recobbled cut), The Secret of Kells, all the Disney classics, and The Prince of Egypt.

Animated movies are the best! I love to study differant drawing styles ^_^ I think my favorite Disney movies are Beauty And The Beast, Hercules, and Tangled. Other great animated movies are The Secret Of Nimh, The Secret Of Nimh 2, Corpse Bride (cartoonish) and of course the Daria movies! :D

i vote for the iron giant

Along with disney movies I also watch Studio Ghibli movies. The best one I like is My Neighbor Totoro.


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