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For starters I listen to a lot of kinds of music and have favorites across the genres. For several years Machine Gun Kelly has been my favorite artist over all. Him and his music and movement just clicked with me for years. Just recently he is really changing now I'm not a hipster and don't really have a problem with main stream music but MGK going more mainstream among other things is just changing a lot of things about him. I also think my mindset is changing and every few years a new artist or band tends to take over my favorite spot. I think I made a post about that awhile back actually from like middle school till now my favorite artists have pretty much went Linkin Park > The Used > Five Finger Death Punch > Machine Gun Kelly > Mod Sun. Which is actually quite telling from teenage angst (and I would say I was very mild and realistic as a teenager) to the don't give a fuck late teens early twentys to the contentment of now mid twenties.

Don't get me wrong I'm still struggling sometimes but Mod Sun is helping me out which is the main reason I wanted to make a post about him. I first found Mod Sun when he collabed with Machine Gun Kelly on the song Shoot Em Down. I love the song. Then I went to an MGK concert in Cleveland in the end of December and Mod Sun was opening for him on this tour. Some of the lyrics from that show stuck with me and I started listening to him on YouTube and Pandora. I just love him and his vibes and his songs quickly grew on me. I like to call it Happy Rap. Some other songs to check out:

Free Love
Sublime RemiXX with MGK

Pandora also started to play what I found out to be a reading of his own book Did I Ever Wake Up?. So I also went and bought his book and 2 diaries I read the book in one sitting it was pretty good. Anyone else listen to Mod Sun or listen to him after this post? Comments etc?


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