Jason Derulo and Sex Tourism

Ok I know "Talk Dirty" has been out for a while already, but ever since the song came out I personally thought the song was about sex tourism and Jason Derulo was condoning and encouraging it. For a while I thought no body caught it or just didn't care. However I found a blog called "Little Fierce" that actually discusses the song's problematic lyrics and the stats that Jason Derulo is apparently unaware of in terms of how many of these girls he may or may not have actually picked up (if his lyrics are based on actual occurences) in foreign countries that could've been and probably are enslaved or underage.

I agree (:and he can sing but that's all he sings about mostly. The way he emphasizes foreign woman over average makes me wonder as well ...like what's up with that ?.though the songs beat is catchy(: message me sometime.


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