Favorite My Chemical Romance songs? :D

Gosh I've been obsessiong over my chem's our lady of sorrows demo version of the song lately. what are your guys' fav songs from my chem? :P

Omg I've finally found another one... MCR FAN YAY!!!~~~
But in all seriousness, I have a list of the best songs :3
House of Wolves
To The End
Famous Last Words
The Ghost of You
and last but not least, Planetary (GO!)
so I hope that helped :3


NaNaNa was a WWE pay-per-view event theme, once. I also heard Helena once, and it wasn't bad. I don't know their other songs.

all time favorite helena. :)

Na Na Na is my favorite. I listen to that song sooo much, my niece says "Shut up and let me your jazz hands!"

Teenagers and I'm Not Okay :)

Na Na Na & I Dont Love You Anymore are my all time favs. Follow Gerard Way on twitter he posts amazing things.

i only know elena and im not ok and i like both

Na Na Na is without a doubt my favourite
but Teenagers comes in pretty close.


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