i love her lol. what do you think of her latest "just give me a reason?"

i can't stop listening to it lol. i totally looooove everything she does but "just give me a reason" is the best thing she's done for ages........well i think it is anyway lol

I love a lot of P!nk's older stuff, like Bad Influence, It's All Your Fault, and U + Ur Hand, but a couple of her more recent songs just feel like the same couple of lyrics over and over again. I'm still a fan, though.

There is a song that I like but I cant remember the title and I need some minutes to look for it on my phone. Forget it its the same song but I love it, heres the link to youtube

I adore P!nk. She's just an incredible artist and entertainer. She was actually just included in People's 50 Most Beautiful People. :D

Her album funhouse is one of my favourite albums ever. I must say I'm more into her older stuff, I don't know it's spunkier.

She is one of my favourite music artists of all time!

My favourite songs of her's are Sober, Who Knew, I Don't Believe You, Fuckin Perfect, Try, Don't Let Me Get Me and Family Portrait.


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